Friday, 20 February 2015

February Wishlist

February Wishlist

Quite a small wishlist this month compared to my usual standards but only a few things have caught my eye this month, the thing I will definitely be buying is the perfect Misfits tee from H&M it's just £12.99 and I just need it to be mine especially since I made the stupid mistake of trying to customise the Misfits tee I got from their 25th anniversary tour and completely buggered it up.
The shift dress from Boohoo is quite pretty but it's one of those things that I'd probably buy and then never get around to wearing so I probably won't buy this although it is a bargain at £15.
Topshop have a few cute tops in right now and I adore the look of the Jaws tee by Illustrated People and the T-Rex sweatshirt is pretty awesome but I probably don't need any more sweatshirts right now and I'd prefer to treat myself to a new t-shirt instead. 
How perfect is the acid wash tee from ASOS I'm pretty certain that this will ordered by this time next week when the magical day that is payday arrives.
I've been really tempted by the lace bra from H&M, it's so pretty and although I normally stick to molded cup bras I bought myself a nice soft cup from Fantasie in a recent sale at work and it fits really well and Pete bought me a beautiful Janet Reger lace bra for Valentines day and it's safe to say I've been converted. I do have a few tops which are a similar shape to the Misfits one on this wishlist which has really deep arm holes and I think tops like this fit much better with a nice soft cup bra so I'd love the pretty black one.

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