Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lush Valentines 2015- Heart Throb Bubble Bar

The last product from Lush's Valentines range which I'm going to review is Heart Throb, it's a heart shaped Bubbleroon sandwiched together with gold glittery Shea Butter which aims to soften skin whilst the delicate fragrance lifts your mood.
Scent wise I liked it but it's definitely not one of my favorites, it smells very sweet thanks to the main scent being Vanilla Absolute and the additions of ylang ylang oil, geranium oil and frangipani absolute give it a nice romantic floral edge but this also has Sicilian lemon oil in it which adds a bitter zesty note that to me is aa bit overpowering combined with all the other notes. I think I'd like this more without the lemon oil or maybe if they cut out one of the floral scarves scents to make it more subtle. 
The bar itself is great, the Bubbleroons are designed to make it super easy to get two baths out of your bubble bar, you just break off a half and crumble it under running water, Heart Throb created tons of bubbles and turned the water bright red which is very apt for a Valentine's soak and of course the inclusion of Shea Butter ensures you're left with silky smooth skin which is ideal for date night. 
I did enjoy using this and it was very relaxing but I think I prefer Lonely Heart which I reviewed here, and I won't be repurchasing this. 

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