Saturday, 28 February 2015

My First MAC Eyeshadow Quad

It's happened I've officially become a MAC fan, I knew this would happen as soon as the shiny black counter appeared at work last year and I knew my bank balance would be taking a hefty hit but I started off with just one shadow (Cranberry) and a brush. Of course I was never going to stop at just one shadow and I decided I wanted to create my own quad, the great thing about working at Debenhams is that we seem to be having promotions every other week so I waited until there was 10% off beauty and then with staff discount as well the shadows were about £7 each which isn't too bad. 
I didn't set out with the intention of getting a tonal palette but I found myself being drawn to the plum shades and bought four shades that are beautiful on thier own or when worn together.


Pink Venus- I wanted a nice pale shade that I could use for a lighter neutral wash of colour or as a highlight shade, I actually wanted All That Glitters but they were out of stock so I got Pink Venus instead which is a very pale peach with a lovely sparkle to it. I wear this shade quite a lot and it looks gorgeous alone which is perfect for days when I want to keep my make-up a bit more natural.

Sketch- This is the shade I've used the least, it's a lovely colour in the pan but the colour payoff just isn't as good as the other three shades I think maybe it's because it's quite matte so it's packed a little more densely than the other shadows and it's harder to pick up a decent amount of shadow on my brush. This one was hard to photograph it's much darker than the photos make it look, it's a deep burgundy colour but I find you really have to build up the opacity with this one so I haven't worn it own it's I tend to just use it as a darker shade along the crease when I'm wearing Plum Dressing or Cranberry. This is the only shade from my quad that I won't repurchase when it's run out.

Trax- My favourite shade in the quad Trax is a beautiful plum toned purple with gold shimmer running through it is so pretty, a light wash gives a mainly purple shade with a hint of sparkle but when you build up the colour it gives a pretty iridescent gold shimmer with a just a touch of purple. I've just hit the pan on this and I'll be repurchasing it when it's gone. 

Plum Dressing- The most used shade in my quad is Plum Dressing it's exactly as you'd expect, a rich plum shade with a pearly finish. I've read a lot of reviews of Plum Dressing which complain about it not being pigmented enough but I find this to give great colour payoff and it lasts all day with a decent primer underneath. I've very nearly run out of Plum Dressing and I've already repurchased it, it's my go to shadow for day to day use and I like to add a wash of Cranberry over this for a bolder night time look.

Swatches left to right- Pink Venus, Trax, Plum Dressing, Sketch.

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