Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box- February 2015

This might be my favourite My Little Box yet, it was so adorable and unpacking this months goodies genuinely cheered me up after a rather low month, this month they went with a Frenchie theme and Parisienne chic. The box as always was beautifully designed with everything in red, white and blue and a very pretty illustration of Ines de La Fressange who collaborated on this months box.

Smartphone Case
This is so pretty and I'm so glad that this is a case that will fit most smartphones and not just Iphones, I can never find cases for my HTC Mini so I was very happy to receive this, it also has a little pocket in the front to pop your headphones in which is very useful as mine are usually just floating around the bottom of my bag. 

This is so cute little jar of notes to motivate and make you smile, I could definitely use a pick me right now and this definitely made me smile, I love that they've stuck with the French theme and all the notes are red, white and blue. I'm going to enjoy opening one of these notes each morning and I think when they're all gone I may try and fill ti up with my own little words of motivation.

As usual there was also a little cloth bag with beauty bits inside and they really excelled themselves in this month.

DHC Oil Blotting Paper
I recently tried DHC's Deep Cleansing Oil which I loved so I was pleased to have another DHC product to try and I've been meaning to try blotting papers for a while, the paper is really soft and delicate and I'll definitely be popping this into my handbag.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper
I'm always apprehensive when I see a brow product in a beauty box as more often than not they are brown and way too dark for me to use but this is a nice clear brow mascara aimed to plump your natural brows and give them a thicker fuller appearance which is definitely a bonus for me.

My Little Beauty- Embellisseur Teint De Peche
As always My Little Box have included a product from their own in house beauty line, this month subscribers were treated to a light peachy coloured face tint to give a glowing complexion, at first I thought this was going to be too dark for my skin but it actually applies pretty sheer with just a subtle hint of a glow.

By Terry- Crayon Kohl in Bronze Generation
Normally I am pretty dismissive about pencil liners in beauty boxes but this ones something special, the packaging is beautiful and the shade is even more gorgeous a beautiful black with gold glitter running through it. It applies super smoothly and is opaque with just one swipe, this may have even convert me to try more pencils instead of just sticking to gel liners.

This months box was a definite winner for me and I'm really looking forward to next months box, you can sign up to My Little Box here for £11 per month +p&p.

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