Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lush Easter 2015- Pot O' Gold

Pot O' Gold Shower Jelly

Lush's Easter range is something I look forward to each spring so as soon as the new products hit stores I legged it to my local Lush to see what goodies they've brought us this year and I'll be honest I was left a little underwhelmed. The Easter range consists of 8 limited edition products but only three of these are completely new the rest are re-releases and whilst I was very happy to see the return of Fluffy Egg and Carrot soap the rest of the range feels a little lacklustre. I would have liked to see a few more new items and maybe the return of  the Bunny Bubble Bar, so I actually only ended up buying three things from the Easter range this year, along with Pot O'Gold, I picked up Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb and a Fluffy Egg.
Pot 'O Gold was the thing I was most looking forward to trying from this year's Easter range, I'm a big fan of Lush's shower jellies they leave my skin so soft and clean and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Pot O' Gold is packed with fair trade vanilla absolute which gives it a delicious sweet caramelly scent which makes me very tempted to try a nibble (don't worry I won't), underneath the super sweet rich fragrance it has a deeper warm aroma from the myrrh resinoid and sweet orange oil. The scent of this is just gorgeous and I think it's quite unique, it's a very sweet vanilla fragrance but it's nothing like the rest of Lush's sweet and sugary offerings and I would love for this to become a part of Lush's permanent range. 
Pot O' Gold is also a delight to look at, it's full of gold lustre which adds to the luxurious scent to give you a very indulgent shower, the glitter does stay on your skin but rinses away really easily and you're just left with super soft beautiful smelling skin. The shower jellies can be a bit more of an effort to use as you are basically trying to shower with a lump of slippery jelly but I found this one to be a little more firm than their usual jellies and you can always pop it in the freezer to firm it up a bit more. 
I just love this, it's the perfect indulgent guilt free gift for those who don't fancy an Easter egg and at £3.50 it's half the price of most of the Easter eggs I've seen around this year. 

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Current Skincare Favourites- Vichy, Dr.Jart+, Lush and St.Ives

Current favourite skincare vichy, lush, dr.jart+, St.Ives, product review,

I haven't done a favourites post in what seems like forever so I felt it was time to share with your the skincare products I've been reaching for most recently.

Let's start with the Dr.Jart+ V7 Turnover Booster, I got this in a Birchbox back in November and I've been using it pretty much every night since, you only need to use about two pumps so it's lasted really well and I'm only just running out of it. The V7 Turnover Booster aims to boost skin's moisture straight after cleansing and optimise the results of the rest of your skin care leaving you with a glowing complexion so I pop this on before using my toner and I have found that my skin has been a bit calmer and balanced. This is £32.00 which is definitely more than I usually spend on skincare and I don't think I'll repurchase this when it's run out as I don't feel my skin needs the extra moisture I get from this right now but I'll definitely be buying it towards the end of the year when skin's more dry.

The St.Ives Apricot Blemish Control Scrub is something I bought on a whim as I'd run out of my Una Brennan exfoliator and was a bit too skint to afford anything fancy but I'm really loving it. This was the first item of skincare I ever tried and I can remember my mom buying it for me along with some sort of tea tree toner from The Body Shop, as soon as I used this it made me feel really nostalgic. Nostalgia aside this is a really great scrub, it's quite gritty and you have to be quite thorough to make sure you get all the little bits off your face and hairline so I usually use this in the shower, the smell is lovely really fresh and uplifting and best of all it's only £3.99 which is such a bargain.

The Vichy Normaderm Night Detox has fast become a HG product for me, I just absolutely love it, I was on the hunt for a new night time moisturiser and wanted to try something different so I wandered over to the Vichy section of Boots and decided on this little beauty. It smells fantastic like fresh apples and it absorbs into my skin super fast, I really noticed a difference in my skin once I started using this it just feels healthier, my complexion looks a lot clearer and it gives me just the right amount of hydration for my combination skin. Vichy give some pretty big claims about this stating that after using this; sebum production is controlled, imperfections appear reduced, pores are tightened and you're left with a radiant complexion. I have found nearly all of these to be true and I have especially noticed that my complexion is much more clear when I'm using this but it hasn't really made any difference to my pores which are quite prominent but I might try the Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner to combat this issue.

Another product from Dr.Jart+ which I have been using pretty much everyday is the Dr.Jart+ V7 Cleansing Foam  I reviewed this last month so I won't waffle on about it as you can read my full review here. This cleanser is just lovely to use it has such a light creamy texture whilst being tough enough to thoroughly cleanse my skin and leave it really soft.

Lastly we have an old favourite Lush Tea Tree Toner Water, I first tried this 3 years ago and it's something I always find myself going to back to, I particularly like to use this in the summer as it really cools down my skin. This is stocked full of tea tree water which is anti-bacterial to keep bacteria building up, grapefruit which is lightly astringent on the skin and juniperberry which is antiseptic to keep skin fresh and clear. I love using this it makes my skin feel extra clean and refreshed but the one thing that lets it down is the bottle, I used to take this to Pete's each weekend and no matter how I packed it into my overnight bag it always leaked which has lead to me purchasing a separate bottle to keep at his permanently. The spray bottle also sprays a bit over zealously which means no matter how close I put the cotton wool to the nozzle I feel like I'm losing a lot of the water, I really do love this toner but when it's gone I will be going back to The Body Shops Seaweed Toner which I recently bought during a 40% off promotion.

What are your current skincare must haves? 

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

OOTD: Pure Morning

I Wore:
Biker Jacket- Primark
Trousers- New Look
T-shirt- New Look
Chelsea Boots- Primark
Necklace- Miss Guided

I finally got my haircut as it was officially too long for me to manage anymore and unfortunately the hairdresser took off a lot more than I asked for and didn't really cut it into the style I asked for so I've been struggling to do much with it at the moment. When it dries naturally it goes all fluffy and messy so I've been reacquainting myself with my straighteners and I picked up a super cute plastic bow clip in a vintage shop for £2 which just keeps it off my face. 
I've been treating myself to a fair few bargains clothing wise and my latest additions include this amazing faux leather biker Jacket from Primark, I've been on the lookout for the perfect biker style jacket for ages and knew this was the one for me as soon as I saw it. It was marked up at £25 which I was happy to pay but when I got to the till it scanned up at just £10 which I was really chuffed about. I ended up getting a size 16 as the fit was rather snug in a 12 and I wanted it to be a bit of a looser fit, I have literally been living it for the past two weeks and it's definitely a new staple in my wardrobe. 
I popped into New Look when shopping with my mom recently, I don't tend to go in New Look as I really struggle to find anything I like in there but as they had a huge sale on we popped in and I picked up the t-shirt and trousers together for just £9 each. I adore the t-shirt and know I'll wear it a lot but I wasn't overly convinced by the trousers the first couple times I wore them, they're extremely comfortable and the material is lovely and light which will be perfect for spring/summer but I wish they were a bit more fitted from the knee down as they tend to bunch up around my ankles.
I wore this outfit to go for a nice walk around Himley with Pete at the weekend, I popped my chelsea boots on as it tends to be quite muddy and it was a good choice as the bottoms of my shoes were literally caked in mud by the time we left. 

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Little Superbox- March 2015

My Little Superbox- March 2015
My Little Superbox- March 2015
Another fabulous box from My Little Box and I loved this months superhero theme, theses boxes always leave me smiling and this months was the best one yet with MLB debuting their first clothing item.

Wonder Woman Stickers
Wonder Woman Stickers
I'm a bit of a sucker for stickers and these are so cute I have a couple of very bare looking sketchbooks that could definitely use some brightening up so these were a welcome addition to the March box.

 Super Hero T-shirt by My Little Box
T-shirt by My Little Box
When I saw this rolled up t-shirt I was excited to see My Little Box had created their first item of clothing I was also a little apprehensive as I usually find that one-size-fits-all items are too small for me but the fit of this is actually great. It's a very soft light t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, there are a few different slogans and I really like the slogan I got but I have seen a couple floating around that say 'We Can Be Heroes Just For One Day' and I would have absolutely loved.

The Beauty Bits:
My Little Superbox- March 2015

Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal Conditioner
Kerastase Cristaliste Lait Cristal Conditioner
Kerastase are a brand that I've been wanting to try for a while so I was very pleased to see this in my box, I've used it a couple of time now and I really like this conditioner it's quite light and it leaves my hair really shiny and soft, it's safe to say I'll be checking out more from Kerastase sometime soon.

Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream
Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream
I've tried a couple of Caudalie products recently which have been a bit hit and miss but you can't really go wrong with a hand cream and this is a nice size to pop in my handbag so I'll definitely use this.

My Little Beauty- Lip & Cheek Crayon
My Little Beauty- Lip & Cheek Crayon
As always there was a product from My Little Box's in house beauty range, this month I received a lovely coral lip and cheek crayon, I want to call it a balm but it's much more pigmented than a balm, I would probably struggle to use this on my cheeks but with a lot of blending I could make it work and I think it'll look great on my lips.

A great box this month and I can't wait to see what the theme is next month, you can sign up to My Little Box here for £11 per month +p&p.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bumble And Bumble Order + Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Samples

Bumble And Bumble Prep Primer + Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Samples

I seem to have developed a growing obsession with Bumble & Bumble, it was only last month when I placed my last order with them, but I've had my eye on a few bits and bobs and I was planning on popping to Boots and picking up the Primer but I decided to check the website to see if they had any offers on. Bumble & Bumble are very generous when it comes to giving samples with orders and they usually have some sort of promotion going on, last time I got a sample of the All Style Blow Dry creme. When I placed my order they had a special offer on where you got a bunch of samples from the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil line with your order along with a sample bottle of the Thickening Hairspray, best of all they offer free shipping on all orders so because I only bought the travel size Prep Primer all of this cost me just £7.

Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Samples
Bumble And Bumble Prep Primer, Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer, Bumble And Bumble Thickening Hairspray

I haven't used the shampoo and conditioner samples yet but I will be taking them to Chester for my little weekend away with Pete and I'm saving the little bottle of oil for when my hair needs a bit of tlc. I love Bumble & Bumble's Thickening Hairspray, it smells great, doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy and isn't in an aerosol can which is great, I already have a full size bottle of this so I've taken the mini version to Pete's house to keep in my little beauty stash.
I was thinking about trying the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer to try and tame my hairs current frizzy tendencies so I've used this a few times already and I am very tempted to purchase a full size bottle when the sample runs out. This primer is supposed to soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways and protect against breakage and heat styling, I have noticed my hair feeling softer and easier to comb when I apply this to my hair after washing it. I use this before straightening my hair as well as I've run out of my usual heat protector and it works absolute wonders here, my hair looks soft and shiny, it takes less time to straighten and it holds it's style much longer than usual.
Finally the thing that I actually ordered was the Bumble & Bumble Prep Primer, this nutrient-rich detangler is supposed to enhance the performance of styling products and reactivate products already in hair. I haven't actually tried this out properly yet so I may do a proper review once I've given it a real try so I know how well it works.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Birchbox- March 2015

I always look forward to my Birchbox arriving each month and this month I was delighted to see a very bright and cheerful box waiting for me, the contents was much better than last months in my opinion and there was a great mix of products from haircare to make-up and body care.

Serenity Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salt
In the years before I discovered the wonders of Lush I used to use bath salts all the time and I always find them really relaxing so I'm looking forward to trying these and it's a fairly generous sample.

Lord & Berry Bronzer in Sienna
 I don't tend to use bronzers as they're usually way too dark for me but Sienna is quite a pale wearable matte shade which I think I might be able to get away with if I use it sparingly. 

Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream
I was very pleased to see a Phillip Kingsley product in this months Birchbox and the Smooth Cream was an especially welcome sample, I had my hair cut recently and the stylist took off way more than I asked for which has meant I've really struggled to control it. My hair is quite thick and is very prone to frizziness, I've steered well clear of my hair dryer in attempt to not make it any more frizzy but it's still been very fluffy and unmanageable so this is exactly the kind of product my hair needs right now.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
This month subscribers were able to choose a sample out of all three Benefit Mascaras, I went for Roller Lash despite the fact I already have 2 samples of it, I've never been a fan of They're Real or Bad Girl and the Roller Lash wand is curved to reach all lashes which is the type of wand I usually favour. 

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Eau de Parfum
I'm usually quite dismissive of perfume samples in beauty boxes but this smells amazing, I popped it in the pocket of my work fleece to freshen up on the shopfloor and I've had loads of compliments on this scent, it's described as a sophisticated yet playful fragrance which sums it up pretty well, I find this really lifts my mood and is very fresh. I've gotten quite a lot of use out of this little sample as the scent lasts really well and I would definitely consider purchasing this in the future. 

I don't really see the point in chapter samples like this and this just isn't my kind of book anyway.

Birchbox Mini Noteboo
Bonus Extra- Birchbox Mini Notebook
I love having a little notebook in my handbag for list making and doodling so this has already found it's way into my handbag.

All in all a great box for me this month and I look forward to my April Birchbox, you can sign up to Birchbox here for £10 per month +p&p. 

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara In Extreme Black

I'll be honest I'm not a huge fan of Rimmel products in general but I was on the lookout for a new mascara and the Wonder'Full one happened to be on offer so I thought I'd give it a try but unfortunately it has disappointed me. 
Wonder'Full claims to give feather light volume without clumps and the Ultra Flex brush is supposed to hug lashes defining them from root to tip, well I can't deny that this added volume to my lashes but I have found that it can be rather clumpy and tends to just stick my lashes together in little groups which I hate. 
I did like the look of the wand, the bristles are nice and long which I thought would make it easy to coat my lashes from root to tip and it does work better on my bottom lashes defining them without clumping them together but I have found it really hard to get right down to the roots of my lashes on my top lid. I think in general I prefer a mascara with a curved wand as it makes it a lot easier to cover all of your lashes even the smallest ones towards the inner corner of your eye. 
What I most want from a mascara is something that really defines and lengthens my lashes, doesn't look clumpy and is super black, I wear quite thick eyeliner everyday so I need something that's going to make my lashes stand out against the dark liner. Unfortunately the Wonder'Full mascara just didn't give me enough length the formula itself is alright, it is really black and it's quite thick so it adds volume but it's a bit too sticky which leads to it clumping towards the tips of my lashes.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

You Beauty Discovery- March 2015

I know I said last month would be my last month with You Beauty Discovery but then the e-mail came through with the March menu and I saw the Illamasqua Lipstick so I decided to give it one last month but as soon as my box came I unsubscribed. I just find that I'm not using most of the things I've been getting in my boxes and aside from the lipstick there hasn't been anything particularly exciting in any of the past few menus.

As always there were a few extras for all subscribers:

Dove Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner
These are aimed at aging hair so I wasn't particularly excited about seeing them in my box but mini shampoos are useful for keeping at Pete's so I will use them.

Nakd Cocoa Orange Raw Fruit & Nut Bar
I have wanted to try Nakd bars for a while so I ate this pretty much as soon as I'd taken these photos, it was alright but I won't be buying any myself. 

My choices:

Percy & Reed Abudantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse
I picked this because there was nothing else on the menu that stood out to me and I've tried a few Percy & Reed products which have all been pretty good, this mousse promises volume without leaving you with stiff or sticky hair which is normally what I hate about hair mousse so I'm going to give it a go.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Sangers
The only reason I kept my subscription for another month, I couldn't resist a pretty red lipstick and Sangers is a very beautiful true blue toned red, the formula is soft and creamy whilst leaving a matte finish and this was well worth the £6.95 alone.

You can sign up to You Beauty Discovery here for £6.95 a month.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Body Shop 40% Off Haul

I love The Body Shop and part of the reason I love it so is that they often have incredibly good deals which is why I subscribed to their e-mails, I'd been meaning to pop in store to pick up the Seaweed Toner but kept forgetting until an e-mail popped into my inbox with a code for 40% off pretty much everything for 48 hours. The excellent thing about The Body Shop is that you can take advantage of these offers in store as well as online and as I walk past the shop 5 days a week on my way to work I took advantage of this fab offer and ended up picking up my toner as well as a few other bits for about £15 saving £10.

I first tried the Seaweed Clarifying Toner last summer in a little Seaweed skincare set, review here, and I loved it so much I went out and bought a full size bottle. Once I'd finished it I did go back to my old favourite Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water but as much as I love it I find that it really doesn't last very long and I feel that the spray pump bottle results in a lot of wasted product also it is terrible for travel as the bottle leaks a lot. I also wanted to pick up a new cleanser as I'm running out of my Dr.Jart+ cleanser and the Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash was just £5 so it cost me just £3 with the discount which is such a bargain.

I love The Body Shop's soaps but they've discontinued my beloved Chocomania range so I thought I'd give the Honeymania one a go as I have the bath jelly from the range which smells incredible.

I've never tried any haircare products from The Body Shop so this was a very spur of the moment purchase but they smell delicious and both promise shiny tangle free hair so I can't wait to try them.

At the moment you can save 30% off instore and online with the code 14586 and they have a few sale items back in stock.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Lush Mothers Day 2015- Bubblegrub Bubbleroon

The last of my Mothers day reviews from Lush's latest range and again this one has fallen a little flat, Bubblegrub is a bug shaped bubbleroon with white chocolate eyes and vanilla pods for antennas, it has an orange head and shimmery green bum joined together with shea butter. 
The scent is really kind of odd, it reminds me of the Cupcake face mask but not as chocolatey, it has Vetivert Oil which is a type of plant root which gives a smoky earthy edge, Tonka Absolute which adds a sweetness and Sandalwood Oil which combines to make a strange sweet sort of woody earthy scent. 
I used the orange half of the bubbleroon which created plenty of bubbles and the addition of the shea butter meant I was left with very soft skin but in the water the scent lost some of it's sweetness and the herby earthy smell wasn't really that nice alone in my opinion but I guess it was kind of relaxing. I can imagine that if you're a fan of more earthy scents you'll love this and at £2.95 it makes quite a nice little whimsical gift. 

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lush Mothers Day 2015- Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

So far I haven't been overly wowed by the new products from Lush's Mothers day range but then along came Ultraviolet, a big beautiful slab of purples,blue and green and I had a feeling I would love this as it looks very similar to some of my other Lush favourites; Brightside and The Comforter. 
This is definitely my favourite from the mothers day range, the scent is absolutely gorgeous like flowery palma violets with ylang ylang oil, violet leaf absolute, jasmine absolute and rosewood oil, it's sweet without smelling too sugary and has just the right amount of floral tones for me. 
This is the most expensive out of the bath products but it's pretty huge and you could easily get 5-6 baths out of it, I broke off about a quarter of the bar for the amount of bubbles shown and as you can see it also turned the water a beautiful shade of violet. 
I loved using this and I'll be buying another one tomorrow before they disappear.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lush Mothers Day 2015- Mother Superior Bubble Bar

I normally enjoy Lush's whimsically shaped products but I really don't see much of a resemblance between this bubble bar and a nun, I think maybe they needed to make the face a little better pronounced but that's just my opinion. I wasn't too keen on Mother Superior when I picked one up along with a bunch of other Mothers Day products in Lush and it was the one I was least looking forward to trying. 
Firstly the scent is very floral and powdery, Mother Superior is packed with Sicilian lemon oil, mimosa absolute, jasmine absolute and orange blossom absolute upon first sniff the mimosa and jasmine are the strongest tones with just a hint of the lemon which adds a nearly sherbetty sweet edge. This isn't the kind of scent I usually like and out of the water I was sure I would hate it but once I'd crumbled some into the tub it was actually very relaxing and not overly strong. This was actually really hard to break up and I had to get my brother to break a piece off for me because it was so solid but once I'd managed to get a decent amount into the water it created loads of bubbles which lasted the majority of my soak it also turned the water a pleasant sea blue.
Overall I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed using Mother Superior and the scent really does work for a mother's day gift as its feminine and relaxing, but I wouldn't rush out to buy another. 

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