Thursday, 12 March 2015

Lush Mothers Day 2015- Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

So far I haven't been overly wowed by the new products from Lush's Mothers day range but then along came Ultraviolet, a big beautiful slab of purples,blue and green and I had a feeling I would love this as it looks very similar to some of my other Lush favourites; Brightside and The Comforter. 
This is definitely my favourite from the mothers day range, the scent is absolutely gorgeous like flowery palma violets with ylang ylang oil, violet leaf absolute, jasmine absolute and rosewood oil, it's sweet without smelling too sugary and has just the right amount of floral tones for me. 
This is the most expensive out of the bath products but it's pretty huge and you could easily get 5-6 baths out of it, I broke off about a quarter of the bar for the amount of bubbles shown and as you can see it also turned the water a beautiful shade of violet. 
I loved using this and I'll be buying another one tomorrow before they disappear.

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  1. this looks amazing x


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