Saturday, 4 April 2015

Lush Easter 2015- Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

I was very pleased to see the return of Fluffy Egg this Easter, I'm half way through my last bottle of Snow Fairy and wasn't quite ready to be without that beautiful sugary bubblegum scent but Fluffy Egg shares the same wonderful sweet scent. So I bought five as soon as they hit stores (a couple of those were for my mom and Pete's mom) I just adore this bath bomb it is perfect for Easter you get your sugar fix with none of the calories and to be honest I'm not a massive fan of Easter Eggs unless of course they're from Hotel Chocolat. 
Fluffy Egg is one of the fizziest bombs I've ever used, I popped it straight in the tub and it fizzed around quite aggressively leaving little splatters of pink up the side of the tub and turning the water a bright Snow Fairy pink. Once it's done fizzing you're left with a very girly pink bath that is sure to lift you're mood and leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, the pink colour didn't stick to the tub which is a bonus as I hate having to try and rinse away the colours left by some of Lush's other bombs. The candyfloss scent does remain on your skin way after you've left the bath which I loved and it's safe to say I'll probably be buying a couple more of these later today before they disappear again.

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