Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lush- Copperhead Shampoo Bar

I got quite excited when Lush released a whole new bunch of Shampoo Bars, I've used a couple in the past my favourite being Karma Komba which left with me lovely knot free hair but the one that caught my eye most from the new bunch was Copperhead. 
Copperhead is aimed at those with darker hair or people like me with red hair, it has lots of coffee grounds and roasted coffee extract as well as persian red henna which makes this a bit more messy to use than most of the shampoo bars, I find that a lot of the time after I've used this I do get little tiny bits of black coffee in my hair which can be hard to shift. Scent wise it's not my favourite the coffee and vanilla absolute work well together but the Vertivert oil and henna give it a strange earthy edge that isn't overly pleasant. 
I do like what Copperhead does to my hair, it's very clarifying and gives a light soft feeling to my hair, as with all the shampoo bars it lathers up really easily but I find that bits of this go a bit mushy and end up sticking in my hair so it takes a bit more rinsing than most shampoo's. Also I was expecting this to make my hair a little darker and bring out the red tones and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have had any effect which is a little disappointing.
I decided to pick up a shampoo bar tin with this one in an attempt to make it last longer but I have found that it takes much longer for the bar to dry in the tin even when I leave the lid off and as this bar has a slightly softer texture than the other bars it did stick to the bottom of the tin and after a few uses it actually snapped in half and the half I used kind of turned into a mushy mess. 
I have enjoyed using Copperhead but I think the formula isn't quite as good as the other shampoo bars and it's really not lasting as well I expected, also the smell is a bit off putting so I don't think I'd repurchase this.

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