Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Huge Lush Oxford Street Haul

So I finally got around to editing my Lush haul video, I'll admit I haven't really got the the whole vlogging thing down and the lighting was rather appalling but I just thought it would be better to show you all the wonderful things I bought in vlog form rather than a huge rambling blog post. 
I couldn't remember all the prices of things whilst I was filming so here's a list of the things I bought and their prices:
The Experimenter- £3.75
Intergalactic- £3.50
Frozen- £3.75
Pink Flamingo-£5.95
Milky Bath- £2.95
Big Bang- £3.75
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment- £2
Lime Pastille- £2
Shark Infested Custard- £2
I Am A Radiant Being- £2
Rough With The Smooth- £4.95
Jersey Bounce Shampoo- £6.50
Sunny Day Hair Anti-static Hair Detangler- £9.95
Lord Of Misrule- £9.50
Respect Your Elders- £3.40 per 100g
Sea Salted Caramel Soap- £4.10 per 100g
Eye Jewel in Zealous- £10
Pumice Power Foot Soap- £3.10

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