Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lush Oxford Street- Big Bang Bubble Bar

Lush Oxford Street- Big Bang Bubble Bar Review
Lush Oxford Street- Big Bang Bubble Bar Review
Big Bang Bubble Bar- £3.75

As you probably know I'm currently working my way through the mountain of Lush products I bought from the Oxford street store so I have another Lush review for you today and this is one of the products that has proved to be quite popular, selling out fairly regularly.
Big Bang is a huge blue bubble bar with pretty pink stars on the top, it's definitely one of the more attention grabbing products from the new range and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
It has a beautiful lemony scent that at first made me think of the recently discontinued Dorothy bubble bar but after a few more sniffs I found that it smells pretty similar to the Whoosh shower jelly  thanks to the combination of grapefruit oil and organic lemon myrtle oil although Whoosh uses lime instead of lemon and Big Bang also has tangerine oil in their as well which makes it extra sweet and with a sharp citrus edge.
As this is a pretty big bubble bar I think I'll be able to get three baths out of it which makes it one of the better value bubble bars, I found that a third of the bar was enough to turn the water a pleasant lagoon blue but it didn't create all that many bubbles and the bubbles disappeared quite quickly.  This may be due to the amount of skin softening ingredients in it, Lush have packed this with cocoa butter, avocado butter and extra virgin olive oil, I didn't use any of the pink star bit in my bath which has much of the butter in it so I didn't notice much of the skin softening properties when I used it but I found it to be very relaxing.
Despite the fact that this was kind of disappointing as a bubble bar I would probably buy this again as I really loved the scent and it made for a nice summery uplifting bath.

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