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Lush Oxford Street- Cherry Blossom Reusable Bar

Lush Oxford Street- Cherry Blossom Reusable Bar Review
Cherry Blossom- £5.95

Lush Oxford Street- Cherry Blossom Reusable Bar Review

Another of Lush's reusable bubble wands and today I'm talking about Cherry Blossom, which may be the most beautiful of all Lush's new products. I picked this up on my second trip to Lush Oxford street and to tell you the truth it was the pretty design that made me pop it in my basket, instead of the usual wand Lush have gone for an actual twig to house the little flower shaped bubble bars to give them the look of cherry blossoms hanging on a branch.
I have to say I was really excited to try this one but unfortunately it's one product that just isn't for me.
Obviously I was expecting this to have a floral scent but there's something about this particular floral scent that I find a bit overbearing and a bit sickly, it has Sicilian lemon oil, cedarwood oil, rosewood oil and almond oil. I think maybe it could have done without either the lemon or the almond oil because altogether with the floral tones it just feels like there's too much going on in my opinion, there's a strong sweet scent that just doesn't smell right with the rosewood.
I held one of the flowers under the tap as I ran my bath and was pleased to see that bubbles started appearing almost immediately and the water turned a deep pinky red but for me the scent was just too strong to make it a relaxing soak. 
I think if you happen to like the scent then this should be an absolute winner for you, the scent is strong and lasts on your skin, one flower creates a load of bubbles and these last throughout your bath but as with pink flamingo you can only really get two baths out of this which doesn't make it great value for money.

Lush Oxford Street- Cherry Blossom Reusable Bar Review

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  1. I must get myself down to Oxford Street they have so many LUSH goodies!!


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