Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lush Oxford Street- Milky Bar

Lush Oxford Street- Milky Bar Review
Milky Bar- £2.95 per 100g

During my two trips to Lush's Oxford Street store I've picked up 4 of the new soaps and now I've had a chance to use them properly it's time to share my thoughts about them, starting today with Milky Bar.
Milky Bar is definitely more plain than most of Lush's weird and wonderful soaps and when you get a chunk cut off it is basically just a block of creamy white soap, however when you see it in store the whole bar is shaped like a giant milk bottle with a glittery silver lid which I absolutely loved. 
Scent wise it's extremely subtle in store but once home I've found the scent to be just strong enough to linger on my skin but not strong enough to contend with any perfume or body lotions I might apply after my shower, which for me is ideal. This has a very similar scent to the Milky Bath bubble bar  (reviewed here) with both containing Brazilian orange oil and patchouli oil but the soap also has coconut oil which gives it more of a creamy scent that feels more appropriate to a soap. It's not the kind of scent I would normally go for, it's quite an old fashioned traditional soapy scent but I've actually grown quite fond of it. 
I'm terms of using Milky Bar soap I was pleased to find that it lathers up really easily and because of its creamy texture and softening ingredients my skin is left feeling nourished and smooth. It isn't one I would rush out to buy again but if I was in London and I was going to Lush anyway I'd probably pick up a slice. 

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