Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Lush Oxford Street- Needles And Pine Shower Jelly

Lush Oxford Street- Needles And Pine Shower Jelly Review
Needles And Pine- £3.50

In case you're new to my blog you should know I adore Lush's shower jellies, they're great for travel as they don't leak, they last much longer than liquid shower gels and in the summer you can pop them in the freezer to cool yourself down and leave you feeling refreshed. 
So obviously when I saw the list of the new Oxford Street exclusive products and saw three new shower jellies on the list I was most excited, now I did take a trip down there in June but being the impatient person I am I kept an eye on eBay as there are a lot of people selling the exclusive products on there (for ridiculous prices of course) and  I managed to snap this up at just over the price it is in the shop. 
When I opened the lid and gave it a sniff I really wasn't overstruck with the scent, it's really unique and unusual, as the name would suggest it has a very cool woodland type scent, it has pine needles, cypress leaf infusion, pine nut oil, cedarwood oil and grapefruit oil. These scents combine to give you  a fresh, very natural scent with a gentle sweet edge thanks to the grapefruit which leaves you feeling awake and uplifted, perfect for your morning shower.
This doesn't really lather up very much but like all of the Lush shower jellies it is really moisturising thanks to the inclusion of seaweed in the ingredients, I think this is the most softening shower jelly I've tried which is probably down to the oils they've included in this jelly. 
It's also great value for money, I've been using my pot for about two and a half weeks and I've only used about a third but  as much as I'm enjoying using this I don't think I'd repurchase Needles And Pine Shower Jelly. I love the shower jellies but I'm just not sold on the fragrance of this one I prefer Lush's more fruity fragrances for their shower jellies my favourite being Iced Wine which was a special edition for Christmas a few years back but if you like something a bit more fresh and natural then you'll love this. 

Lush Oxford Street- Needles And Pine Shower Jelly Review

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