Monday, 28 September 2015

Lush Oxford Street- Grass Bubble Bar

Lush Oxford Street- Grass Bubble Bar Review

This rather unassuming little bubble bar was something I only picked up on my third visit to Lush's Oxford Street store and this is something I now really regret, for those of you who have been Lush obsessed for years you may remember the recently discontinued Grass Shower Gel. Well this is basically the exact same scent in a rather cute little bubble bar, I'm not sure what made me hold off buying it as I have used the Grass shower gel before and absolutely loved it. 
In case you're wondering this smells exactly as you'd expect, like a freshly mown lawn, with Bergamot oil, Neroli oil and Sandalwood oil which combine to make a fresh, natural sort of earthy scent with a sweetness to it that's perfect for those of us already missing the summer. 
I got two baths out of this bar but it could have probably stretched to three as it's quite a strong scent and as you can see it made my bath rather green, the bubbles lasted well and I found the scent to be super relaxing. 
This has been available in the Lush Kitchen for the past week (it's still on there now) so I made a little order and got myself another bar which I'll be holding onto for a while to just to enjoy the scent, I really hope they make this available in all their stores as it's definitely a new favourite for me along with the delightful Milky Bath bubble bar. 

Lush Oxford Street- Grass Bubble Bar In Use

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