Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lush- Pumice Power Foot Soap

Lush- Pumice Power Foot Soap Review

Now this may not be the most exciting of Lush's new products but for anyone who spends their working hours on their feet like me this little foot soap was a welcome addition to Lush's vast range of bodycare products. I really neglect my feet which is terrible as I work in retail and spend all day standing up resulting in many a painful blister so when I saw the Pumice Power foot soap I immediately popped it in my basket. 
This smells so good it has rapeseed oil, coconut oil and sweet orange oil which gives off the most delightful orangey scent which is really uplifting and fresh. The shape is perfect for your feet as it fits into the palm of your hand and after a few uses I found that a little groove developed in the base of the bar where I'd been using it to scrub my heels which makes it even easier to use on the contours of your feet. I think this is the perfect balance between exfoliating and nourishing which leaves my feet feeling really soft and cared for, my feet feel so much better and I've found they're slightly less painful after a long day on the shopfloor which has been a godsend. I will definitely be repurchasing this, I've really neglected my feet over the past few years and having a product I can use in the bath or shower has really made me more conscientious of looking after them as there's nothing I love more than a good soak in the tub so it's been super easy to add this into my daily routine. I have previously used Lush's Stepping Stone foot scrub which was a similar product to this but when using it became quite mushy and dissolved really quickly whereas this has a more solid soap like formula which is so much better value for money as well as being easier to use.  I definitely feel like this is a bargain at £3.10 as I've been using my bar fairly regularly for the past month and it's still going strong. 

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