Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Little Creative Box

I always look forward to the arrival of my My Little Box and this month I was especially excited at the box had a creative theme, it took an especially long time for my box to come and I know that a lot of subscribers were venting their frustrations over on MLB's Facebook page. Unfortunately this month I found myself feeling thoroughly disappointed with the box, I have quite high expectations for these boxes and they usually leave me feeling really impressed. 

I thought with it being a Creative themed box that the contents would include something like a cute sketchbook with one of their adorable illustrations on the front or a mini watercolour palette. What would have been nice would be a parisian themed colouring book like all the grown up colouring books that are popular right now. But instead what we got was some very cheap looking beads to put on headphones which look quite similar to the size cubes I put on clothes hangers at work, I'm not against beads, it may have been nice to have some kind of beads to make into a necklace or even a keyring but to decorate the ear phones that spend most of their time tangled up in the bottom of my handbag, it just seems a bit pointless.

With the recent introduction of the 5p bag charge for all large stores in the UK people have been losing their shit, it's madness people say, we should charge the shops for advertising they say (honestly I don't really care if it makes people throw away less plastic bags then that's fine with me). So this couldn't have come at a better time and I'll be more than happy to pop this in my handbag when I go shopping.

 The Beauty Bits:
Normally I'm so impressed with the beauty products included in my beauty box but this month I feel like they're just kind of dull, a hand cream and a body lotion just seem a little unimaginative. 

Baija Body Cream
I've never heard of either of the beauty brands from this box but the packaging of this is certainly very pretty, it's quite a thick cream which is ideal for winter and the scent is quite nice and sweet but I find it hard to get excited about a body cream when I have tons of them stashed away from various other beauty boxes.

Polaar Hand Cream
I feel like this is so Christmassy it would probably have been more suited to the December box, with 3 Artic berries I was expecting this to smell really fruity and warming but it kind of has a generic hand cream scent that I don't really like. With that said it is a very rich hand cream to take care of hands during the colder weather but it has a sort of greasy finish that I'm not keen on.

   My Little Beauty-  Midnight Cream
The one beauty item I'm excited to try, MLB's have so far been really great and I'm looking for an alternative to my Vichy Normaderm to use over the winter so this should come in handy.

A disappointing box from My Little Box this month but as they're normally so fantastic I'll try not to hold it against them and I'm still looking forward to see what my next box will bring.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Netflix Suggestions For A Spooky Night In This Halloween

As a huge horror fan I have amassed quite the collection of horror dvds and every year when Halloween rolls around I like to try and watch as many of them as I can, I appreciate that some of you out there may not be a dvd hoarder like me so I thought I'd put together a post of my horror recommendations which are all available on Netflix. So if you're not interested in getting off your face dressed like a sexy cat (or mouse) here are my suggestions for a spooky night in.

blood, grunge, and death imagelife, boy, and omen imageChucky, fuck you, and fuck image
If you appreciate a classic...
The Omen
Childs Play
An American Werewolf In London
From Dusk Til Dawn
Ginger Snaps (ok maybe not a classic to everyone but I adore it)
wednesday, Halloween, and the addams family image
If you want something family friendly...
The Addams Family

death, safety, and scream image
If you want something in the Horror Comedy vein watch these...
Life After Beth
Scary Movie

clowns and fear image
And finally if you want to scare the actual shit out of yourself (presuming you're a normal person who acknowledges that clowns are freaking terrifying) watch....
Killer Klowns From Outer Space

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lush Halloween | Nightwing Shower Jelly

I love Lush's Shower Jellies so I was more than thrilled to hear that they were releasing a limited edition one for Halloween although I was sad to see that Calacas was not being released this year. 
Nightwing is a bat shaped jelly scented with lime juice and lime oil so I was expecting it to smell like my beloved Calacas but it actually smells exactly like a blackcurrant fruit pastille so it's really sweet and quite strong. 
I usually like to keep my shower jellies in one piece and use the whole thing but this is obviously quite a difficult shape to hold on to in the shower so I'm going to have to break bits off it and use it that way. 
I've used this a few times and it is a bit daunting to begin with as it kind of makes you a little bit purple and I have found with a couple of Lush's darker shower products they can leave a bit of a stain on your skin but thankfully the purple rinses away easily. After using this I find that my skin feels smooth and hydrated and the sweet scent really lingers on my skin.
I really like this but if I had the choice I would still go for Calacas over Nightwing.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Quick Two Step Halloween Nail Art

I'll admit I'm not great with nail art but I do like to have a go at it for special occasions so with Halloween just a week away I decided to share a super easy nail tutorial with you to make your nails look appropriately gorey.
Step One: 
Paint your nails white, I chose Barry M's Nail Gelly in Coconut.

Step 2- The Messy Part
For this you'll need; a small plate or dish (or Pringles lid in my case), some straws, red nail polish (I found the thinner polish's work better and I used Lollipops Nail Varnish in Voyage A Paris) and it's probably a good idea to have something to tidy up with like nail varnish remover and cotton buds.
Now pour out some of your chosen polish onto the plate and dip in the straw, then aim it at your nail and being very careful not to suck up any polish blow it onto the nails in short sharp bursts, tidy up the edges with some nail polish remover and Voila! you have gory blood splattered nails to suit any kind of spooky costume you may wear.

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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Birchbox- October 2015

I am seriously considering cancelling my Birchbox subscription, I feel like over the past few months I've not been impressed by any of the boxes and this month was no different. First off subscribers had the choice of two boxes this month and we were told the contents of each box which kind of ruined the surprise element that we're used to. The Back To Basics box looked awful apart from the Seche Vite Top Coat there was nothing I wanted in the box and one of the samples was a toothpaste which seems like a waste of a product to me. I went for the Stylist box which was a little better and was obviously the more popular box by far meaning that all those who picked it didn't necessarily get it resulting in lots of disappointed subscribers with a box they didn't want. 

When Travelmate Sheet Mask
I'm not overly keen on sheet masks I much prefer clay masks but I'll give this a go at some point.

English Laundry No.7 For Her
A bonus product I wish they hadn't bothered with, I've had this exact same perfume sample in a previous Birchbox and hated it, it's a really old fashioned scent that's quite musky and completely not my taste.

Bioderma Sensibio H20
This is actually something I've been wanting to try for a while so I was pleased to see this in my box although the sample is tiny and it had leaked over the other products in my box which is a shame.

Parlor Smoothing Blowout Spray
I very rarely blowdry my hair so this isn't overly useful to me but I'm sure I'll end up using it at some point.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze 
When I read the outer tube I was ready to be disappointed, I was expecting some kind of lipgloss but it's actually a very pigmented tinted balm, it looks sort of brown in the bullet but applies as more of a deep red and it smells really yummy, so this was a surprising hit for me.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel
The highlight of the box for me, since trying one of Rituals body scrubs in a previous beauty box I've been wanting to try more from the brand so I was glad to see this in my box and it's ideal to keep at Pete's house.

: ]

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Autumn Beauty Favourites

Here's a little video about the beauty products I'm loving for Autumn.
I wrote a full review of the Topshop Lipstick in Devotion- here

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Autumn Florals

I Wore:
Dress- Warehouse
Moon Necklaces- ASOS
Boots- ASOS

I always feel like it's much easier to dress well in the autumn and winter and even Pete has remarked that I tend to dress better once autumn rolls around, this year I've decided to make more of a conscious effort to embrace skirts and dresses as part of my everyday wardrobe. With that in mind I picked up a whole bunch of new clothes in the sales at the end of summer, this lovely marled dress was reduced from £38 to £8 which was a bargain I couldn't ignore. I think it's perfect for autumn with the little velvetty flowers all over and my 50 denier tights keep my legs nice and warm, of course I finished my outfit off with my go to ASOS boots which I wear with absolutely everything.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar

Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar
Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar first use
Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar in running water
Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar purple
Divination Reusable Bubble Bar- £5.95

I'm still working my way through my huge stash from Lush's Oxford Street store but I've finally got around to trying this amazing reusable bubble bar. Divination is designed to look like a pendulum and to use it you simply hold it by the string under running water, I found this much easier to use than the bubble bars on sticks and I used this twice before the string came out so it's much more stable than products like Pink Flamingo. 
Divination is scented with my beloved patchouli as well as rose and amber oils which give it a rich heady scent to warm you up and leave you feeling deeply relaxed. The outside of the bar is a beautiful bronze which melts away to reveal a deep purple bar which turns the water a beautiful plum colour, I'll be honest I had to hold it under the tap for quite a while to get my desired amount of bubbles but I've managed to get two baths out of the bar and I still have enough left for another bath. If I want a really bubbly bubble bath I'd still go for a normal bubble bar over this but I've really been impressed by this and I absolutely adore the scent it's just perfect for a cold autumn evening. 
If (when) I visit Lush Oxford Street again I'll definitely be picking up at least two of these as I think this may be one of my favourite Lush scents although it doesn't beat Lord Of Misrule.

Lush Oxford Street | Divination Reusable Bubble Bar in use
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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lush Kitchen | Pooh Stix Bath Bomb

Recently my Lush obsession seems to have become even more intense and I've taken to checking the Lush Kitchen every few days for products I haven't tried before, for those of you who don't know what the Lush Kitchen is it's an area of their website where they release old, discontinued or limited edition products which are available in limited quantities until they're all sold. 
When I saw they had Pooh Stix I knew I had to buy it as it's a bath bomb I've always wanted to try and it has patchouli in it which as you may know is one of my favourite scents. Pooh Stix is inspired by the tales of Winnie The Pooh, it's actually the name of a game that A.A.Milne invented in the series where you throw sticks into a stream and essentially race your stick against someone else's. I actually used to play Pooh Stix all the time with my dad so it holds a special nostalgia for me. 
Back to the bath bomb this isn't the prettiest bomb, a big white sphere packed with what looks like twigs and obviously I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of filling my bath with sticks but I thought I'd really love the scent so I bought it anyway. 
Unfortunately I didn't read the ingredients list properly before buying this and I found that the scent really isn't for me, it's packed with liquorice root and I hate liquorice so that really put me off using it especially as the scent is really strong, this combined with cinnamon sticks give it a very rich spicy scent that's a little overwhelming. It also has rosewood oil and my beloved patchouli oil in it but the other scents are so strong that I couldn't actually detect any of these more subtle scents at all. 
I was really disappointed with this bomb, there's nothing really wrong with it but it's just not to my particular taste and having to clean away all the little sticks afterwards was a bit of a pain.

: ]

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Huge Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul

It's officially my favourite time of year, Autumn brings hot chocolate weather and chunky knitwear but more importantly it's when Lush release their Halloween and Christmas ranges. So I've bought a huge bunch of their newest products and thought I'd share with you what I picked up along with my initial thoughts. 

I Bought:

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Style | Warm Me Up

I Wore:
Jumper- H&M
Skirt- New Look
Tights- Primark
Boots- Primark
Necklace- Thrifted

Yay it's finally time to dig out my thick black tights and chunky jumpers, it's not quite 200 denier fleece lined weather but it's just right for these 50 deniers from Primark. I've decided after spending most of my summer in jeans that autumn/winter is definitely the time for me to embrace skirts and dresses. With that in mind I've bought three new skirts over the past month and I plan on living in them, I picked up this gorgeous one from New Look in the sale for around £10 and it's exactly the kind I've been looking for. It's not too short and the material is thick enough to cover up all my lumps and bumps, it also goes perfectly with a big chunky jumper like this H&M one. 

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