Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lush Halloween | Nightwing Shower Jelly

I love Lush's Shower Jellies so I was more than thrilled to hear that they were releasing a limited edition one for Halloween although I was sad to see that Calacas was not being released this year. 
Nightwing is a bat shaped jelly scented with lime juice and lime oil so I was expecting it to smell like my beloved Calacas but it actually smells exactly like a blackcurrant fruit pastille so it's really sweet and quite strong. 
I usually like to keep my shower jellies in one piece and use the whole thing but this is obviously quite a difficult shape to hold on to in the shower so I'm going to have to break bits off it and use it that way. 
I've used this a few times and it is a bit daunting to begin with as it kind of makes you a little bit purple and I have found with a couple of Lush's darker shower products they can leave a bit of a stain on your skin but thankfully the purple rinses away easily. After using this I find that my skin feels smooth and hydrated and the sweet scent really lingers on my skin.
I really like this but if I had the choice I would still go for Calacas over Nightwing.

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