Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lush Kitchen | Pooh Stix Bath Bomb

Recently my Lush obsession seems to have become even more intense and I've taken to checking the Lush Kitchen every few days for products I haven't tried before, for those of you who don't know what the Lush Kitchen is it's an area of their website where they release old, discontinued or limited edition products which are available in limited quantities until they're all sold. 
When I saw they had Pooh Stix I knew I had to buy it as it's a bath bomb I've always wanted to try and it has patchouli in it which as you may know is one of my favourite scents. Pooh Stix is inspired by the tales of Winnie The Pooh, it's actually the name of a game that A.A.Milne invented in the series where you throw sticks into a stream and essentially race your stick against someone else's. I actually used to play Pooh Stix all the time with my dad so it holds a special nostalgia for me. 
Back to the bath bomb this isn't the prettiest bomb, a big white sphere packed with what looks like twigs and obviously I wasn't thrilled about the prospect of filling my bath with sticks but I thought I'd really love the scent so I bought it anyway. 
Unfortunately I didn't read the ingredients list properly before buying this and I found that the scent really isn't for me, it's packed with liquorice root and I hate liquorice so that really put me off using it especially as the scent is really strong, this combined with cinnamon sticks give it a very rich spicy scent that's a little overwhelming. It also has rosewood oil and my beloved patchouli oil in it but the other scents are so strong that I couldn't actually detect any of these more subtle scents at all. 
I was really disappointed with this bomb, there's nothing really wrong with it but it's just not to my particular taste and having to clean away all the little sticks afterwards was a bit of a pain.

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  1. This bomb looks super messy, I'm not sure I'd like it either, which is a shame since I adore Lush :( x



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