Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Little Creative Box

I always look forward to the arrival of my My Little Box and this month I was especially excited at the box had a creative theme, it took an especially long time for my box to come and I know that a lot of subscribers were venting their frustrations over on MLB's Facebook page. Unfortunately this month I found myself feeling thoroughly disappointed with the box, I have quite high expectations for these boxes and they usually leave me feeling really impressed. 

I thought with it being a Creative themed box that the contents would include something like a cute sketchbook with one of their adorable illustrations on the front or a mini watercolour palette. What would have been nice would be a parisian themed colouring book like all the grown up colouring books that are popular right now. But instead what we got was some very cheap looking beads to put on headphones which look quite similar to the size cubes I put on clothes hangers at work, I'm not against beads, it may have been nice to have some kind of beads to make into a necklace or even a keyring but to decorate the ear phones that spend most of their time tangled up in the bottom of my handbag, it just seems a bit pointless.

With the recent introduction of the 5p bag charge for all large stores in the UK people have been losing their shit, it's madness people say, we should charge the shops for advertising they say (honestly I don't really care if it makes people throw away less plastic bags then that's fine with me). So this couldn't have come at a better time and I'll be more than happy to pop this in my handbag when I go shopping.

 The Beauty Bits:
Normally I'm so impressed with the beauty products included in my beauty box but this month I feel like they're just kind of dull, a hand cream and a body lotion just seem a little unimaginative. 

Baija Body Cream
I've never heard of either of the beauty brands from this box but the packaging of this is certainly very pretty, it's quite a thick cream which is ideal for winter and the scent is quite nice and sweet but I find it hard to get excited about a body cream when I have tons of them stashed away from various other beauty boxes.

Polaar Hand Cream
I feel like this is so Christmassy it would probably have been more suited to the December box, with 3 Artic berries I was expecting this to smell really fruity and warming but it kind of has a generic hand cream scent that I don't really like. With that said it is a very rich hand cream to take care of hands during the colder weather but it has a sort of greasy finish that I'm not keen on.

   My Little Beauty-  Midnight Cream
The one beauty item I'm excited to try, MLB's have so far been really great and I'm looking for an alternative to my Vichy Normaderm to use over the winter so this should come in handy.

A disappointing box from My Little Box this month but as they're normally so fantastic I'll try not to hold it against them and I'm still looking forward to see what my next box will bring.

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