Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Peeping Santa Bubble Bar

Lush love a whimsical design and Peeping Santa is no exception, designed to look like the strawberry and cream Santas commonly made for Christmas parties it's easily the most cute of Lush's Christmas range this year. 
To match it's dessert look it has a gorgeous strawberry scent sandwiched together with copious amounts of cocoa and shea butter which add a hit of vanilla to the mix. Peeping Santa is stuffed with Bergamot Oil, Olibanum Oil and Geranium Oil which are the same fragrances used in one of Lush's Valentine's products from a few years back, Magic Mushroom was a little red and white mushroom shaped bubble bar with the same fruity fragrance and it's one of my all time favourite Lush products so I was so happy to find another product with the scent. 
Admittedly Peeping Santa is a bit of an awkward shape to use and I found that I had to break off his hat for my first bath meaning I didn't get a whole lot of the moisturising butters from the centre of the bar. I feel that when I use this the second time the amount of butter in the bar will mean that the bubbles won't quite last as long as I'd like but my skin will be left left feeling super soft. 
I really love this and I will be stocking up on them before they go as I adore it's sweet strawberry scent. 

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Lush Christmas 2015 | Santa's Belly Shower Jelly

I love Lush's shower jellies and I love a Christmas one even more so I was pretty excited to see Lush release a brand new one this year and it definitely doesn't disappoint. 
I really think Lush have delivered with the scent choices this Christmas, alongside the usual sugary sweet scents such as Snow Fairy there are some truly beautiful and unusual scents. Santa's Belly shares it's scent with my favourite Christmas bath bomb So White which smells of sweet fresh apples with hints of Bergamot but to make this even more festive they've added vegan red wine which combines with the other scents and create a fragrance similar to one of Lush's old shower jellies Iced Wine which I love and have just purchased from the Lush Kitchen. 
In terms of use Santa's Belly is the same as any other shower jelly, you simply grab the whole jelly and rub it over your skin to create a lather or smoosh a little bit into a shower puff. Just to make sure you don't forget that this is a Christmas product it's packed with edible gold stars, I have found when using this that sometimes the little stars have stuck to my skin and I actually noticed one stuck to my arm the other day at work which made me chuckle. 
So if like me you're working most of the festive season and can't enjoy a whole lot of actual wine this is the next best thing to a Christmas tipple and is sure to get me in a semi approachable mood before heading out to battle the Christmas shoppers. 

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | The Icing On The Cake Roulade

Back at the start of the year Lush opened their flagship store on Oxford Street and released over 100 new products including brand new products such as their Shower Smoothies and Roulades. I wasn't particularly keen on any of the scents of the roulades so I didn't pick any up on my visits to Lush Oxford Street however when I saw this bright pink one in the Christmas range I decided to give it a whirl.
Based on the name and candy pink design I was expecting this to smell really sweet and sugary and pretty much just like Snow Fairy but when I unwrapped it I was delighted to find that it actually shares it's scent with another of my Lush favourites. Ponche shower gel was released as part of Lush's Christmas range a few years back but it's sadly failed to make an appearance for the past couple of years so I'm thrilled to have the beautiful scent back in my bathroom. The Icing On The Cake has a strong fruity scent that smells like a zesty fruit punch, it doesn't quite have the warmth of the Ponche scent as they've forgone the cinnamon here but it's packed with Davana oil, Buchu oil and Petitgrain oil which are more than enough to perk you up. It has a slight citrus kick as well thanks to the outside layer being made from orange, lime and lemon peel decoction, admittedly it doesn't look all that pretty but the scent more than makes up for this. 
The roulade has a surprisingly sturdy texture which is basically a thicker more moisturising version of their FUN bars and they're much easier to hold onto than the shower jellys. I did find that it took quite a bit of effort to get this to lather up but once I did it was really thick and creamy. I had worried that with the amount of oils and cocoa butter packed into this that it would leave my skin with a greasy feeling like when I've used Lush's body butters but it somehow manages to leave my skin feeling nourished and smooth without that sticky buttery feeling. 
I really love this and it's made me want to try out more of Lush's roulades.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Salt And Peppermint Bark

Well this isn't the prettiest product from the Lush Christmas range but it's still one I was excited to try, Salt And Peppermint Bark is a salt based scrub with a strong minty fresh scent to pep you up ready for the party season. 
This scrub is packed with fine sea salt, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter and peppermint oil which all combine to create a scent which I would describe as a very slightly salty After Eight. 
In terms of use I think I prefer a sugar scrub to a salt scrub for winter mainly because I have some dry areas on my wrists from all the cold weather and when I was using this I forgot about it and it stung like an absolute bitch. So if you have dry or sensitive skin this may be a bit too harsh for you but if you like a thorough scrub then this is perfect and once you get over the initial grating the generous helpings of cocoa butter and cupuacu butter really nourish the skin. 
Salt And Peppermint Bark has left my skin feeling really smooth and the scent is undeniably Christmassy but I prefer a more gentle sugar scrub like Rough With The Smooth over a salt scrub for the winter. 

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Five Gold Rings

Another brand new product for this years Lush Christmas range, Five Gold Rings is a cross between their standard bubble bars and their reusable bubble wands as the name would suggest you get five gold rings of bubble bar, for the amount of bubbles I like I found that it's best to use one ring per bath. I was pretty excited to use this particular product which is why there are only three gold rings shown above. 
Five Gold Rings has a warm creamy scent that reminds me of my favourite Lush soap Yog Nog but the fragrance is a little softer and more sugary sweet than the slightly spicy smell of Yog Nog, Five Gold Rings is scented with tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and benzoin resinoid.
I really love the scent so I was a little disappointed to find that the scent doesn't smell all that strong once in the bath, whilst one ring is enough to create plenty of bubbles and colour the water a delightful gold shade the scent was pretty weak. I really really wanted to love this because it is so Christmassy and I love the design of it but the scent just isn't strong enough for me, I like my Lush products to pack more of a punch when it comes to the fragrance. 

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Shoot For The Stars

Shoot For The Stars is one of my absolute favourite Lush Christmas products, it's actually scented with a similar fragrance to their Honey Bee bath bomb which is available all year round but they've added a big old dose of Christmas magic into this which really sets it apart for me.
If you're unfamiliar with the Honey Bee bath bomb it's basically the same scent as their much loved Honey I Washed The Kids soap which as the name would suggest is a creamy honey fragrance that leaves you feeling super pampered and relaxed. Shoot For The Stars doesn't actually have honey in it which surprised me as the scent is so similar to Honey Bee but it does have the other fragrances from the bomb which are orange oil and bergamot oil, these give it a delightful sweetness that's perfect for Christmas.
What makes this so special for me is the beautiful colours and swirls it makes as it fizzles away, there are swirls of blue and yellow mixed with white foam and a large helping of lustre as well as edible stars which really get me in the Christmas spirit.
The scent is so perfect for winter, it's comforting and warm which really helps me to unwind after a long day on the shop floor.
So just to sum up in case you didn't quite get it, I absolutely love Shoot For The Stars and I'll be buying a few more before they disappear after Christmas.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Father Christmas Bath Bomb

If you're a Lush fan then you're most likely aware of their Snow Fairy shower gel which is a firm fan favourite but they also do a bath bomb in the same deliciously sweet scent. Father Christmas is a huge round Santa shaped bomb  with a bright green centre which creates a beautiful green sparkly bath. 
Whilst Father Christmas does share the Snow Fairy scent it is much softer and less over bearing in the bath bomb which may appeal to those who don't want to smell like they just walked into a sweet shop but for me I would prefer the scent to be a little stronger. 
This is quite a large bomb so it fizzled around for ages and it was quite nice to watch the swirls of red and green floating around the tub, it's pretty much all you could wish for if you want a festive soak. I also think this is a great gift for a secret Santa or just a stocking filler, the scent is gorgeous and it's really Christmassy without filling the bath with a ton glitter which I know a lot of people hate. 
Overall I liked it but if it was a choice between Father Christmas and Snow Fairy then Snow Fairy would still be my favourite. 

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Star Dust

Another Christmas Lush review today and this is a brand new product for this years Christmas range so of course I had to order one, I wasn't too sure what to expect but from what I saw on the website I thought this would be full of colourful stars with a blue centre and smell like citrus and vanilla but that's not quite how it is. 
When I first took this out the parcel I was a bit underwhelmed by it to be honest, it's a very plain white star which compared to the other Lush products in my package didn't have much of a scent at all. I popped it in the bath and waited for the colourful stars to start appearing but there are actually very few stars in it and the blue part in the centre was also pretty small and had no effect on the water at all. As for the scent it was a little stronger in the water and it was pleasantly creamy and vanillary but unfortunately I couldn't smell any of the bergamot which is a scent I absolutely love. 
It did make the water very shimmery and it made my skin feel pretty soft but I just felt a bit disappointed by this, it seems a bit dull compared to Lush's other Christmas offerings and it's not something I'd pick up again.

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Yog Nog Bath Bomb

When I saw the list of products Lush were releasing for Christmas this year there was one product that immediately got me psyched for my impending Lush splurge, I tried the Yog Nog soap last year and absolutely loved it so the idea of the same amazing creamy scent in a bath bomb made me so happy. 
Unfortunately this particular bath bomb was just not for me, when I got my online order I noticed that the Yog Nog bath bomb looked a bit damp and crumbly compared to the other bombs I bought but I assumed this was down to a slightly leaky shower jelly I also ordered. So I left this for a little while as I worked my way through the Halloween items I bought and when I came to use it I found it was looking a little worse for wear, when I first opened my parcel Yog Nog had a beautiful festive pattern embossed all over it but this had all but disappeared by the time I used it. 
I thought it was a little strange but I went and popped it in my bath and was ready to relax in the beautiful cindy toffee style scent of Yog Nog but it just doesn't have the warm and slightly spicy edge that the soap does. When the bomb had fizzled around for a while I saw big chunks coming out of the middle of the bomb which turned out to be three big chunks of shea butter and I realised that must be why my bomb was getting so crumbly and damp, it also explains why it doesn't quite smell the same as the soap. 
If you happen to like products like Butterball then I'm sure you'll love this but I can't stand any of Lush's butter packed bombs, they leave my skin feeling slimy and they coat the bath in a layer of butter that takes a good scrub to remove. Now admittedly I should perhaps have read the product description before buying it but I was just so excited to have another product with the delicious Yog Nog scent that I would have bought it anyway. 
This is by no means a bad Lush product but for me I would have enjoyed using it a whole lot more without the great big chunks of shea butter in it so I'll be sticking with the soap to get my cindy toffee Yog Nog fix.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Bar Humbug

If you're subscribed to my Youtube channel then you will have seen this little sparkly number in my Lush Christmas haul, Bar Humbug looks really similar to one of Lush's most popular products The Comforter Bubble Bar and when I ordered it I was expecting it to be the same size as The Comforter and Brightside but it's much smaller. I still got two really bubbly baths out of this little bar which I think is fair for it's £3.65 price tag and no doubt it will make a great little gift for that friend we all have who tries their best to be grumpy about Christmas. 
Initially when I got this out of the box I was really not into the scent, Bar Humbug has bergamot oil, fennel oil and tarragon oil which give it a very strong Liquorice fragrance which for someone who can't stand Liquorice isn't all that pleasant. Not one to waste a Lush product I gave it a go anyway and I was pleased to find that the beautiful scent of bergamot came through once I'd crumbled it into the water which took some of the harsh edge away from the fennel and gave it a sweetness and fruitiness that was really lovely. 
So despite my first impressions I really loved this bubble bar and it turned the water the most beautiful deep pink colour. You can see the rest of my Lush Christmas Haul here.

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