Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Five Gold Rings

Another brand new product for this years Lush Christmas range, Five Gold Rings is a cross between their standard bubble bars and their reusable bubble wands as the name would suggest you get five gold rings of bubble bar, for the amount of bubbles I like I found that it's best to use one ring per bath. I was pretty excited to use this particular product which is why there are only three gold rings shown above. 
Five Gold Rings has a warm creamy scent that reminds me of my favourite Lush soap Yog Nog but the fragrance is a little softer and more sugary sweet than the slightly spicy smell of Yog Nog, Five Gold Rings is scented with tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and benzoin resinoid.
I really love the scent so I was a little disappointed to find that the scent doesn't smell all that strong once in the bath, whilst one ring is enough to create plenty of bubbles and colour the water a delightful gold shade the scent was pretty weak. I really really wanted to love this because it is so Christmassy and I love the design of it but the scent just isn't strong enough for me, I like my Lush products to pack more of a punch when it comes to the fragrance. 

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