Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | The Icing On The Cake Roulade

Back at the start of the year Lush opened their flagship store on Oxford Street and released over 100 new products including brand new products such as their Shower Smoothies and Roulades. I wasn't particularly keen on any of the scents of the roulades so I didn't pick any up on my visits to Lush Oxford Street however when I saw this bright pink one in the Christmas range I decided to give it a whirl.
Based on the name and candy pink design I was expecting this to smell really sweet and sugary and pretty much just like Snow Fairy but when I unwrapped it I was delighted to find that it actually shares it's scent with another of my Lush favourites. Ponche shower gel was released as part of Lush's Christmas range a few years back but it's sadly failed to make an appearance for the past couple of years so I'm thrilled to have the beautiful scent back in my bathroom. The Icing On The Cake has a strong fruity scent that smells like a zesty fruit punch, it doesn't quite have the warmth of the Ponche scent as they've forgone the cinnamon here but it's packed with Davana oil, Buchu oil and Petitgrain oil which are more than enough to perk you up. It has a slight citrus kick as well thanks to the outside layer being made from orange, lime and lemon peel decoction, admittedly it doesn't look all that pretty but the scent more than makes up for this. 
The roulade has a surprisingly sturdy texture which is basically a thicker more moisturising version of their FUN bars and they're much easier to hold onto than the shower jellys. I did find that it took quite a bit of effort to get this to lather up but once I did it was really thick and creamy. I had worried that with the amount of oils and cocoa butter packed into this that it would leave my skin with a greasy feeling like when I've used Lush's body butters but it somehow manages to leave my skin feeling nourished and smooth without that sticky buttery feeling. 
I really love this and it's made me want to try out more of Lush's roulades.

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