Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Santa's Belly Shower Jelly

I love Lush's shower jellies and I love a Christmas one even more so I was pretty excited to see Lush release a brand new one this year and it definitely doesn't disappoint. 
I really think Lush have delivered with the scent choices this Christmas, alongside the usual sugary sweet scents such as Snow Fairy there are some truly beautiful and unusual scents. Santa's Belly shares it's scent with my favourite Christmas bath bomb So White which smells of sweet fresh apples with hints of Bergamot but to make this even more festive they've added vegan red wine which combines with the other scents and create a fragrance similar to one of Lush's old shower jellies Iced Wine which I love and have just purchased from the Lush Kitchen. 
In terms of use Santa's Belly is the same as any other shower jelly, you simply grab the whole jelly and rub it over your skin to create a lather or smoosh a little bit into a shower puff. Just to make sure you don't forget that this is a Christmas product it's packed with edible gold stars, I have found when using this that sometimes the little stars have stuck to my skin and I actually noticed one stuck to my arm the other day at work which made me chuckle. 
So if like me you're working most of the festive season and can't enjoy a whole lot of actual wine this is the next best thing to a Christmas tipple and is sure to get me in a semi approachable mood before heading out to battle the Christmas shoppers. 

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