Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 | Yog Nog Bath Bomb

When I saw the list of products Lush were releasing for Christmas this year there was one product that immediately got me psyched for my impending Lush splurge, I tried the Yog Nog soap last year and absolutely loved it so the idea of the same amazing creamy scent in a bath bomb made me so happy. 
Unfortunately this particular bath bomb was just not for me, when I got my online order I noticed that the Yog Nog bath bomb looked a bit damp and crumbly compared to the other bombs I bought but I assumed this was down to a slightly leaky shower jelly I also ordered. So I left this for a little while as I worked my way through the Halloween items I bought and when I came to use it I found it was looking a little worse for wear, when I first opened my parcel Yog Nog had a beautiful festive pattern embossed all over it but this had all but disappeared by the time I used it. 
I thought it was a little strange but I went and popped it in my bath and was ready to relax in the beautiful cindy toffee style scent of Yog Nog but it just doesn't have the warm and slightly spicy edge that the soap does. When the bomb had fizzled around for a while I saw big chunks coming out of the middle of the bomb which turned out to be three big chunks of shea butter and I realised that must be why my bomb was getting so crumbly and damp, it also explains why it doesn't quite smell the same as the soap. 
If you happen to like products like Butterball then I'm sure you'll love this but I can't stand any of Lush's butter packed bombs, they leave my skin feeling slimy and they coat the bath in a layer of butter that takes a good scrub to remove. Now admittedly I should perhaps have read the product description before buying it but I was just so excited to have another product with the delicious Yog Nog scent that I would have bought it anyway. 
This is by no means a bad Lush product but for me I would have enjoyed using it a whole lot more without the great big chunks of shea butter in it so I'll be sticking with the soap to get my cindy toffee Yog Nog fix.

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