Thursday, 28 January 2016

My Little Wish Box

I forgot to blog about my December MLB but I was really happy with it especially as it contained a Too Faced Melted Lipstick which is a product that I've been wanting to try for ages. This month was a little hit and miss for me but overall I was happy with this box and it is now my only subscription box as I have unsubscribed from Birchbox.
This months box was pretty much what I expected from a January box, products aimed at fresh starts and the new year ahead. 

MLB Diary
This may be the prettiest diary I've ever owned the cover is just perfect, it's full of cute pictures from their in house illustrator and it's the perfect size to pop in my handbag.

Friendship Bracelets 
These are supposed to be sort of grown up friendship bracelets, each has a little message and a card to tear off to give away to friends and there's a bonus bracelet for you to keep yourself, I like the idea of them but to be honest they're really quite small and I'm not sure how you're supposed to fasten them so I'm not sure I'll use these.

The Beauty Bits
REN Rosa Centifolia 
I love REN products so I was really happy to see this in my box and it's the perfect size to take away with me next weekend. 

My Little Beauty Lipbalm 
As always there's a beauty product from MLB's own beauty line and this month subscribers were treated too and adorable little lip balm, I don't normally get overly excited by the sight of a lip balm in a beauty box but I must say this one is especially nice. It's not overly scented or greasy but it leaves my lips feeling super soft and the packaging is super cute.

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream
I'll be honest I'm not really a fan of Garnier products so I wasn't all that excited by this although it's nice to see a full size product in the box and I gave it a try and I actually quite liked it although I don't think I really need anti wrinkle cream just yet. 

So overall a pretty good box and I'm looking forward to see what the theme is next month.

: ]

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lush Valentine's Day | Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

As soon as Christmas is over I'm already looking forward to Lush's other seasonal ranges so as soon I saw that the Valentines range was online I hot footed it to my local store to peruse the new goodies. The Valentines range is fairly small and I only picked up three items; the Prince Charming Shower Creme which I love, a new rose shaped soap called Roses All The Way and this adorable little bath bomb. 
Lover Lamp is a white bomb with three red heart shaped bath melts in it, the bomb itself fizzled away fairly quickly releasing loads of little paper hearts from it's center whilst the melts floated around for ages softening the water. I was kind of expecting some more colour from this, it would have been nice to see a red or pink middle to the bomb but instead it turned the water a cloudy white colour which I suppose made the hearts stand out more. 
Scent wise I was expecting something along the lines of sweet and fruity like the strawberry scented Magic Mushroom from a couple of years back but they've gone for something a little more like a Terry's chocolate orange with cocoa butter, vanilla absolute and Brazillian orange oil. I really like the scent of this it works really well in a Valentine's bomb, it's sweet without being sickly sweet and the orange oil gives it a lightness that I really enjoyed. 
I don't tend to like bath bombs with too much cocoa butter in them but I found that there was enough in Lover Lamp to leave my skin feeling soft without leaving any greasy coating like Butterball does, so for me it is an all round winner. 

: ]

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Lush Valentine's Day Haul

Today I have a little Lush Valentines Day haul for you, I bought:

Prince Charming Shower Creme- £4.95 Review here.
Roses All The Way Soap- £4.25
Love Lamp- £3.95

: ]

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lush Oxford Street | Sea Salted Caramel Soap

Sea Salted Caramel Soap- £4.10 per 100g

When I visited Lush's Oxford Street store I spent quite a long time admiring the vast array of new soaps and amongst the brightly coloured fun shaped soaps I found this rather plain offering which just might be Lush's most delicious smelling soap ever. 
Sea Salted Caramel is as you would expect, a rich caramel scented soap with a layer of sea salt to give a gentle exfoliating effect, it's packed with coconut oil, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and clove leaf oil. I have quite a stash of Lush soaps at the moment which I keep in a drawer in my room, unfortunately they're a little too close to my radiator as when I came to use this soap I found that the caramel had melted and made quite a mess. 
I expected this soap to be really creamy and nourishing like the Yog Nog soap from the Christmas range but it actually takes quite a lot of work to create a lather with this and whilst I expected it to be really moisturising I actually found that my skin feels a little dry after using this. 
I'm also finding that this seems to be shrinking a lot more quickly than most of the Lush soaps that I've tried but despite all that I still love this soap because it smells absolutely incredible, it's a wonderful comforting warm scent that's just perfect for this freezing cold winter.

: ]

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Urban Decay Super-Saturated Cream Eyeliner Review

Ever since L'Oreal discontinued my holy grail eyeliner I've tried multitudes of different high street gel liners to try and find a replacement and nothing has come close so I've reluctantly headed to the high end counters. I picked up the Urban Decay Cream Liner based purely on the fact that I love their eyeshadows so much and I had some pretty high expectations for it, it's £16.50 which isn't too bad as I can buy it from work so I get staff discount. 
I apply this using my Zoeva Detailed Liner brush and on the first couple of applications it worked alright although I can't say it wowed me but after that it became worse and worse. I had heard that this liner can dry out a little and the lady on the counter did warn me not to leave the lid off for too long when using it but I didn't expect it to be quite as dry as it was. Basically after the first few uses it became a cakey dried up mess and I had to really work the brush into the product to get it into a usable texture, it would then be really clumpy on the brush making it really difficult to apply in neat line. Considering they called this Super-Saturated it wasn't all that dark or black and when I tried to go over the line to make it a little darker it ended up taking off what little colour was on my eye already. I did use the whole pot as I hate to waste products especially expensive ones and there were days when I could get this to apply nearly well but even then it let me down as it would flake and crumble leaving me with gappy liner which just doesn't look great. 
So basically this is just a waste of money in my opinion it's way too dry which makes it incredibly hard to use and it doesn't last very well. 

: ]

Monday, 11 January 2016

Lush Oxford Street | Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar

Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Wand- £5.95
I know I've said before that I'm not overly keen on Lush's Reusable Bubble Wands but I seem to have forgotten that every time I've been in Lush's Oxford Street store and have tried nearly all of them. Little Dragon is one of the more adorable designs and I think it's one of the better value ones as it's pretty hefty, I managed to get two baths out of each end of the dragon although I felt a little mean separating the two halves. 
Little Dragon is scented with clove bud oil, cinnamon leaf oil and ginger oil which combine to give it a warm spicy scent that works beautifully for a soothing winter bath and it's a scent that I really enjoyed. It's pretty similar to another of my Lush favourites Hot Toddy shower gel which sadly didn't make an appearance this Christmas although I did manage to get the Hot Toddy bubble bar from the Lush Kitchen. The scent wasn't all that strong once in the tub but I could definitely smell the cinnamon and it went perfectly well with the red water, I do wish it made a few more bubbles though as I like my baths super bubbly.
I did enjoy using this and I love the scent but I don't think it's one I'd buy again and if given the choice I think I'd go for Hot Toddy over this. 

: ]

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lush Kitchen | Snake Oil Scalp Bar

Snake Oil Scalp Bar- £5.50

This may not be the most exciting Lush product ever but I was absolutely thrilled to see this in the Lush Kitchen a couple of months ago. I get tonsillitis about 3 times a year and after my last bout I noticed that my scalp became really dry and flaky which I can only assume was a reaction to the antibiotics I took. It seemed to get worse and worse to the point where it really started to knock my confidence and after trying a whole bunch of different products I began to lose hope that I could sort it out. So when I saw this pop into the Lush Kitchen it sounded like the perfect remedy, Snake Oil is basically a solid butter for your scalp which your melt slightly in your hands before working onto a wet scalp, you then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. 
I'll be honest the scent is very much an acquired taste and to start with I hated it but now I can tolerate it, Snake Oil smells very earthy and medicinal with a hint of peppermint oil, it's also packed with cade oil, tea tree oil lavender oil. When I first used this I was happy to find that while using it the peppermint scent came through much more and I hoped this scent would linger but unfortunately once I got out the shower the odd earthy scent returned and I could still smell that over the scent of my shampoo and conditioner which was a little disappointing. 
Despite the fact that I hate the scent I have been using this everytime I wash my hair because it really does work, even after the very first wash I found that my scalp was relatively calm with very few flaky patches and with continued use I've found that it stops the flaking completely. I did take a small break from this to see if it had completely fixed the problem and unfortunately it hadn't so for the time being I will continue to use this everytime I wash my hair. Unfortunately as this is a Kitchen product I won't be able to repurchase this but I'm finding that the bar is lasting me a really long time and I bought another whilst they were still available so I should be ok for a while. 
I really wish that Lush would bring this back to the permanent range as it's literally worked magic on my scalp and I was really pleased to find that despite the fact it's packed with shea and cocoa butter it didn't make my hair at all greasy. 

If anyone knows of any other products similar to this which really soothe a flaky scalp please leave a comment below and let me know. 

: ]

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

See You Later 2015...

In 2015:
- I took several trips to London and spent too much money in Lush's Oxford Street Store.
- Went away with Pete to Manchester and ate loads of tasty food including our favourite burgers at Almost Famous
- Went to Chester and Llandudno with my mom to try on wedding dresses and drink cocktails.
- Went to Tenby a few times and chose where to have our wedding.
- Passed my theory test.
- Went to my first blogger event in London.
- I finally got a handle on my anxiety and depression.
- Ate way too many burgers.

In 2016:
- I will pass my driving test.
- I will read 65 books.
- I will move out and get an apartment in Leamington Spa with Pete.
- I will plan my wedding and try not to freak out about it.
- I will save more money.
- I will not eat Mcdonalds ever again, it tastes like shit and makes me feel gross.
- I will try to relax a bit more. 

: ]


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