Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lush Oxford Street | Sea Salted Caramel Soap

Sea Salted Caramel Soap- £4.10 per 100g

When I visited Lush's Oxford Street store I spent quite a long time admiring the vast array of new soaps and amongst the brightly coloured fun shaped soaps I found this rather plain offering which just might be Lush's most delicious smelling soap ever. 
Sea Salted Caramel is as you would expect, a rich caramel scented soap with a layer of sea salt to give a gentle exfoliating effect, it's packed with coconut oil, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and clove leaf oil. I have quite a stash of Lush soaps at the moment which I keep in a drawer in my room, unfortunately they're a little too close to my radiator as when I came to use this soap I found that the caramel had melted and made quite a mess. 
I expected this soap to be really creamy and nourishing like the Yog Nog soap from the Christmas range but it actually takes quite a lot of work to create a lather with this and whilst I expected it to be really moisturising I actually found that my skin feels a little dry after using this. 
I'm also finding that this seems to be shrinking a lot more quickly than most of the Lush soaps that I've tried but despite all that I still love this soap because it smells absolutely incredible, it's a wonderful comforting warm scent that's just perfect for this freezing cold winter.

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