Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Lush Valentine's Day | Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

As soon as Christmas is over I'm already looking forward to Lush's other seasonal ranges so as soon I saw that the Valentines range was online I hot footed it to my local store to peruse the new goodies. The Valentines range is fairly small and I only picked up three items; the Prince Charming Shower Creme which I love, a new rose shaped soap called Roses All The Way and this adorable little bath bomb. 
Lover Lamp is a white bomb with three red heart shaped bath melts in it, the bomb itself fizzled away fairly quickly releasing loads of little paper hearts from it's center whilst the melts floated around for ages softening the water. I was kind of expecting some more colour from this, it would have been nice to see a red or pink middle to the bomb but instead it turned the water a cloudy white colour which I suppose made the hearts stand out more. 
Scent wise I was expecting something along the lines of sweet and fruity like the strawberry scented Magic Mushroom from a couple of years back but they've gone for something a little more like a Terry's chocolate orange with cocoa butter, vanilla absolute and Brazillian orange oil. I really like the scent of this it works really well in a Valentine's bomb, it's sweet without being sickly sweet and the orange oil gives it a lightness that I really enjoyed. 
I don't tend to like bath bombs with too much cocoa butter in them but I found that there was enough in Lover Lamp to leave my skin feeling soft without leaving any greasy coating like Butterball does, so for me it is an all round winner. 

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  1. This sounds like a fab bath bomb, I'm overdue a Lush trip so will need to pop this on my list.

    Tasha xx


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