Tuesday, 5 January 2016

See You Later 2015...

In 2015:
- I took several trips to London and spent too much money in Lush's Oxford Street Store.
- Went away with Pete to Manchester and ate loads of tasty food including our favourite burgers at Almost Famous
- Went to Chester and Llandudno with my mom to try on wedding dresses and drink cocktails.
- Went to Tenby a few times and chose where to have our wedding.
- Passed my theory test.
- Went to my first blogger event in London.
- I finally got a handle on my anxiety and depression.
- Ate way too many burgers.

In 2016:
- I will pass my driving test.
- I will read 65 books.
- I will move out and get an apartment in Leamington Spa with Pete.
- I will plan my wedding and try not to freak out about it.
- I will save more money.
- I will not eat Mcdonalds ever again, it tastes like shit and makes me feel gross.
- I will try to relax a bit more. 

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