Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Urban Decay Super-Saturated Cream Eyeliner Review

Ever since L'Oreal discontinued my holy grail eyeliner I've tried multitudes of different high street gel liners to try and find a replacement and nothing has come close so I've reluctantly headed to the high end counters. I picked up the Urban Decay Cream Liner based purely on the fact that I love their eyeshadows so much and I had some pretty high expectations for it, it's £16.50 which isn't too bad as I can buy it from work so I get staff discount. 
I apply this using my Zoeva Detailed Liner brush and on the first couple of applications it worked alright although I can't say it wowed me but after that it became worse and worse. I had heard that this liner can dry out a little and the lady on the counter did warn me not to leave the lid off for too long when using it but I didn't expect it to be quite as dry as it was. Basically after the first few uses it became a cakey dried up mess and I had to really work the brush into the product to get it into a usable texture, it would then be really clumpy on the brush making it really difficult to apply in neat line. Considering they called this Super-Saturated it wasn't all that dark or black and when I tried to go over the line to make it a little darker it ended up taking off what little colour was on my eye already. I did use the whole pot as I hate to waste products especially expensive ones and there were days when I could get this to apply nearly well but even then it let me down as it would flake and crumble leaving me with gappy liner which just doesn't look great. 
So basically this is just a waste of money in my opinion it's way too dry which makes it incredibly hard to use and it doesn't last very well. 

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