Saturday, 20 February 2016

Lush Mothers Day | Yummy Mummy Shower Cream

Yummy Mummy is a shower gel that was released last year on Mother's Day but for some reason I never picked it up, this year they've released it again but following the popularity of the shower cremes in their Oxford Street store they've gone with the shower creme formula for this product. 
I gave this a sniff in the store and to be honest I couldn't really smell much, but I did have a horrible cold at the time so that didn't help, even when I filmed my Lush Mother's Day haul (which you can watch here) I couldn't detect much of the fragrance. However I took this with me on a recent weekend away and as soon as I used it I discovered that it actually smells amazing, it has a sweet fruity fragrance with a creaminess that makes me think of those foamy mushroom shaped sweets I used to love when I was younger. It actually has a pretty similar scent to one of my other Lush favourites; Magic Mushroom which I believe was a limited edition product for Valentine's Day some years back, Yummy Mummy has geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil, tonka absolute and a large helping of cocoa butter. 
In terms of appearance I really like Yummy Mummy with its creamy shade of lilac and the inclusion of Lush's snowflake lustre, it's one of the more overtly girly shower gels which is very suiting to the Mother's Day range and makes it a great gift for any Mothers out there in need of a good pamper. 
As with Lush's other shower cremes it's very softening and nourishing without leaving skin feeling sticky or greasy like any of Lush's body butters which for me is really a bonus. The one problem I've had with this is that the delightful purple colour, whilst not noticeable on my skin, has left my cream towels with faint patches of plum on them but I'm sure this will wash out (I hope). 

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  1. May have to pick this up for my mum!!


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