Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lush Oxford Street | Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb

Cyanide Pill- £3.50

I'll admit this little bath bomb was somewhat ignored on my initial trip to Lush's Oxford Street store, amongst the likes of The Experimenter and Intergalactic it doesn't exactly stand out and I expected this to have an unpleasant earthy kind of scent along the lines of Supertramp. When I bought this I'd made a very precise list of what I wanted to buy to ensure I didn't go insane and buy everything, however they didn't have a couple of the items I really wanted so I kind of picked this up on a whim. 
As the name would suggest this is shaped like a pill, with a yellow half and a white half so I was expecting this to give a gentle yellow tinge to the water and not much else. So I was surprised and happy to find that as this quickly fizzled away it turned the water a bright fluorescent yellow and loads of silver lustre covered the top of the water, it also had popping candy inside but to be honest I never feel like this adds much to my bathing experience. 
In terms of scent this is quite unusual it doesn't have the earthy herbal scent I was expecting, this is filled with lemon oil, cedarwood oil, rosewood oil and almond essential oil. What hit me first was the almond oil along with the lemon which gave it a lightness which stopped the almond being too creamy and the rosewood oil gives it a gentle floral tone that's really refreshing. 
I was really quite surprised by this little bomb it was much more impressive than I expected and it's definitely different from most of Lush's bomb's, I would love this to be added to the permanent range along with Guardian Of The Forest which is possibly my all time favourite bath bomb. 

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