Sunday, 27 March 2016

Lush Easter 2016 | Bunch Of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar

Bunch Of Carrots- £6.25

This is my absolute favourite product from Lush's Easter range, adorable carrot shaped bubble bars tied together with paper leaves, they are pretty pricey at £6,25 but when compared to the huge Easter bombs Humpty Dumpty and Which Came First? they're actually much better value. I've managed to get two baths out of each carrot which I was pretty impressed with and as you can see half a carrot made a huge amount of bubbles and turned the water a pleasant sugary pink colour so you should be able to get baout six baths for your £6.25. 
The scent used in Bunch Of Carrots is an all time favourite of mine, I love any products with Bergamot oil in them and the scent works fabulously in Bunch Of Carrots, it also contains Buchu oil and Sicilian lemon oil which combine to give it a tropical fruity scent perfect for spring. It's also the same scent as they're Snowman shower jelly from the Christmas range although ironically Snowman contains carrot oil and Bunch Of Carrots doesn't which seems pretty strange to me but I'm sure Lush have their reasons.
I really wish Lush would add this scent to their permanent range perhaps in a Comforter style bubble bar but for now I suppose I will have to content myself with savouring my little Bunch Of Carrots. 

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