Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lush Easter 2016 | Which Came First? Bath Bomb

If you're a big Lush fan then you've probably seen this big Easter bomb before but this is the first year that I've actually bought one as I've always been a bit put off by the price. I love Lush but £6.95 for a bath bomb is pretty expensive although the idea is that you can get three baths out of this huge bomb by breaking it into two pieces to reveal a hidden chick shaped bomb in the centre.
I actually found it pretty difficult to break this apart and in the end I had my dad sawing at it with a kitchen knife until finally it broke apart rather dramatically and half the bomb and the chick flew into the tub. So in theory you can get three baths out of this but you have to be pretty careful when you break it apart otherwise like me you can end up with most of this huge bomb all in one bath.
In terms of scent this has rather a musky vanilla fragrance, it also contains lemon oil and grapefruit oil as well as gardenia extract but I couldn't really smell much of these scents once the bomb had dissolved in the water, it smelt a little bit like the Twilight bath bomb but a little more sugary sweet.
Once in the water Which Came First? dissolved really quick and turned the water a lovely dusky pink colour, it's not exactly the most exciting of Lush's bath bombs but the scent was pretty strong and stayed with me long after I got out of the tub.
I think if you're looking for an alternative to an Easter egg for a friend or relative then this is probably the most giftable product from this years Easter range and the sweet vanilla scent is the next best thing to a chocolatey treat.

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