Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lush Kitchen | Romance In A Stone

So I've been ordering rather a lot from the Lush Kitchen recently, I get really excited when they have new bath bombs in the kitchen but they sell out so fast I often end up missing out but not this time. I managed to get my hands on this rather sweet little bomb a few weeks ago, I'd heard of Romance In The Stone from other Lushies but by the time I got into Lush they'd already stopped selling it and so when I saw it in the kitchen I popped it straight into my basket. It's a pretty small bomb, around the same size as Butterball I think, but it contains an impressive amount of rose petals and was more than strong enough to give me a scent filled bath. In terms of scent I wasn't all that impressed by this particular bomb, Romance In A Stone contains orange blossom, sweet wild orange oil, Sicilian Mandarin oil and tangerine oil so I was expecting something extra fresh and uplifting. I found that it actually had a strange sort of scent which is possibly the combination of the rose petals on top of all that orange, it lacked the bright zestiness I expected and smelt more muted and almost creamy with the floral scent mixing with the orange. 
It was pretty relaxing to watch the little bomb fizzing around spewing out rose petals and I was surprised to find hidden inside the bomb was a little sonnet, I love when Lush add these little touches to their bath bombs. The first bomb I ever used was Blackberry Bomb which contains a scroll with a little comic book style Boom! Boom! written on it so it always makes me feel a little nostalgic to see some surprise emerge from the centre of a bath bomb. 
I am glad that I bought this and it was pleasant to use but I didn't enjoy the scent as much as I'd thought I would so I probably wouldn't buy this bomb again. 

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