Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lush Mother's Day | Ladybird Bubble Bar

This cute little guy is the Ladybird bubble bar and I think it's just absolutely adorable, scented with geranium oil and peppermint oil I wasn't overly keen when I gave it a sniff in store. When I first picked up Ladybird the only scent I could smell was the peppermint which isn't a scent I'm overly fond of when it comes to bath products but as it was so cute I decided to pick one up anyway. 
This little bar was pretty difficult to crumble and in the end his head just sort of snapped off, Ladybird is quite a small bar but I actually managed to get three baths out of this bar and it created an impressive amount of bubbles each time. I was also pleased to find that once crumbled into the water the peppermint scent dissipated quite a lot and the scent became much more floral and relaxing with the peppermint adding a little sweetness to the scent. 
I pretty much just bought this based on it's appearance and I wasn't really expecting all that much from it based on my initial sniff of it in store but Ladybird proved to be quite an impressive little bubble bar and one that I would definitely buy again. 

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