Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lush Mothers Day | Rose Bombshell

Whilst I'm not a fan of rose scented products I can't resist a seasonal product and so I just had to try out this pretty little bath bomb. Rose Bombshell is a pink bomb with roses embossed all over it, as it fizzled away across the water it turned the water a bright rosy pink and a bunch of yellow rose petals emerged from the centre of the bomb. To be honest I was expecting there to be more petals inside this bomb and perhaps for them to be a bit smaller and more like the Secret Garden bath bomb which was a Mother's Day product from a few years back. Secret Garden was absolutely packed with tiny yellow and purple petals which made for a really pretty floral bath whereas in Rose Bombshell the petals all looked a little limp and wilted against the bright pink of the water. 
Rose Bombshell is scented with rose absolute, geranium oil, rose oil and lemon oil which is the same scent used in all the Rose Jam products which I love but with Rose Bombshell the lemon and geranium are much harder to detect and it's the rose which completely dominates this bomb. It's quite a powdery floral scent that's missing the sweet fruitiness that makes Rose Jam such a lovely fragrance to me, so although I enjoyed using this I can't say it's something I'd repurchase. 

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