Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lush Kitchen | The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor

So my obsession with the Lush Kitchen doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast and at the end of February I made a little order as they had my absolute favourite soap Holy Cacao in the Kitchen and I couldn't resist adding this adorable little bomb to my order as well.
The Ex Factor was a Valentine's Day special bomb back in 2011, shaped like a little blue ginger bread man with a pink heart but he was far from romantic, The Ex Factor is supposed to represent an ex so you just pop him in the bath and let him fizzle away. I think this is such a cute idea for a bath bomb and it certainly looks adorable but I wasn't overly impressed by the scent. The Ex Factor is scented with synthetic musk and ylang ylang which is the same fragrance as their Butterball bath bomb which I know is a favourite for a lot of Lush fans. Personally whilst I like the scent of Butterball I can't stand how oily it makes my skin feel so in theory this should have been perfect for me but without all of the cocoa butter that Butterball has The Ex Factor lacked the creaminess in it's fragrance and I just felt that it was a bit lack lustre. 
It was a nice bomb to use and it made the water a pleasant blue colour but it just wasn't overly exciting in terms of scent and so I don't think I'd buy this again if Lush decided to bring it back. 

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