Friday, 30 December 2011

sales shopping (but mostly just shopping)

Turquoise Love

I've wanted the ring for awhile and was lucky enough to find it in the sale at river island reduced from £10 to £3! The turtle necklace which is quite big and on a slightly tacky looking gold chain was a present from my mom I think it was from primark and it is rather tacky but I love it and the skull was a lovely gift from my friends Freya and Dan for my birthday they also got me an amazing ceramic sugar skull trinket box and matching brooch.

£25 river island
My lovely nan didn't know what to get me for my 21st so she decided awhile ago to start collecting any 50p's she had and set them aside until my birthday and by the time my birthday arrived there was almost £100 worth so i was rather chuffed. I was in rather desperate need of a new bag and saw this a couple of weeks ago and loved it, it's a slightly lighter blue than the picture suggests and is the perfect size for everyday use so I decided to buy it and it's a good job I did as the same day my old bag finally gave up on me  and the strap ripped off. I also decided to buy myself Lola by Marc Jacobs as I've been lusting after it for months but couldn't really justify the price and I'd seen the gift set on sale at The Perfume Shop for £32.99 so I went back to get it and was pleasantly surprised that it had dropped even further and was now just £24.50. I've saved the rest of my birthday money until I start uni again and can go to Birmingham to Urban Outfitters and maybe Forbidden Planet.

Charles Worthington salt spray £6.29
Benefit POREfessionally Pretty set £23.50
Too Faced glitter glue primer £16.50
I also made a few beauty purchases in Boots. Firstly the salt spray which I've been wanting to try for awhile, I washed my hair and put this on before blow drying and it definitely gave my hair a lot  more volume although it didn't appear to be any more wavy or tousled. But after a couple of hours it was quite wavy and beachy looking and stayed lovely and big all day, it was a tad drying on the ends but with some herbal essences split end protection cream just on the tips this issue was resolved, all in all I'd definitely buy it again.
I absolutely LOVE the POREfessional, as with all benefit stuff it's a bit pricey but I got this limited edition set with mini erase paste and girl meets pearl for the same price as the POREfessional on its own and you really don't need to use a lot. It's very silky and easy to apply and comes with a little lesson in the box, you can put it on both under and over make-up so you can touch up during the day if need be, I'll definitely be adding this to my routine from now on. I do like the girl meets pearl but I'm not sure I'd buy a full size  one as I prefer moon beam. The erase paste is also brilliant and a little goes along way, however the sets were only available with no.2 which is  tad dark for my extremely pale complexion.
I been debating which eye-shadow primer to get for a little while and decided to go with the glitter glue by Too Faced as I have a slight glitter obsession and have had issues with getting loose glitter to stay where I put it (and trust me waking up to find glitter in your actual eyeball is not particularly pleasant). I was originally going to go with Benefits Stay Don't Stray primer but have read quite a few reviews saying it's not too great and having tested it instore I can see why people have issues with it as the pump does give you a lot more product then you could possibly need at once. I haven't tried my primer yet but I'll let you know how it goes, I'll possibly use it tomorrow as it's new years eve which to me inevitably means glitter.
My plans for new year are pretty low key this year, going to a friends house before walking or stumbling (depends how much rose wine is consumed) to our local for the actual midnight celebrations and I get to start another year with my lovely boyfriend which is always a bonus.

Now after an unintentionally lengthy post,  I'm going to go and have a nice hot bath with some kind of lush item and maybe a glass of wine or raspberry Sourz and lemonade which is amazing! hopefully the steam will make me feel a bit better as I think I've caught my parents cold and am feeling kind of gross.

So what do you guys have planned for new years? 

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Your nan's idea is so, so good. And I would feel so much less guilty than if it were just a cheque. The RI bag you bought is lovely (: Your plans for NYE sound fun, just spending time with friends is the perfect way to see in the new year.

  2. Thankyou and I did feel kinda guilty but she wanted to do something special for my 21st. Hope you have a lovely NYE and a fantastic 2012 :-)


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