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Feature Friday: Perfumes

So in the midst of trying to get my dissertation done I've been thinking a little about introducing weekly features to my blog to help me get into a rountine of regularly posting and not rambling on about mundane junk every other day, so hence the introduction of Feature Friday, these posts will probably be list based due to my list obsession, anyway here we go....
My favourite Perfumes from old favourites to future purchases.

Old Favourites (I.e. loved for more than two years): 

Anna Sui- Dolly Girl and Lacoste- Touch Of Pink
My nan buys new perfume pretty much every time she goes shopping and most of the time she decides she doesn't actually like them once she's brought them home, according to her "they go off" and don't smell the same out of the shop, Dolly Girl was one such fragrance and being the lovely Nan she is she gave it to me and I have loved it ever since, the bottles relatively small which makes it perfect to pop into a reasonably sized bag, so for the past couple of years this was my daytime fragrance. 
I'm a sucker for good advertising which was initially what steered me towards Touch Of Pink, the adverts were all over magazines for months featuring a lovely model floating in a city with loads of pastel balloons and as soon I tried the fragrance in boots I was hooked and it became my going out/night time perfume. I still have a tiny bit of my last bottle left which I save for special occasions mostly when I go out with my boyfriend as he says it reminds him of going on holiday with me : ].

My Current Perfumes:
Paco Rabanne- Lady Million, Marc Jacobs- Lola and Anna Sui- Flight Of Fancy
Pete's lovely Mom brought me Lady Million back from a work trip to Italy which was a lovely surprise,she also got Pete the aftershave version, I'd seen the adverts for it but wasn't looking for a new perfume at the time but it was instant love, it's quite a strong scent so you don't have to drown yourself in it for it to last for the entire day and the bottle is lovely.  My current perfume obsession is Lola which I've wanted for most of the last year and managed to get as a gift set in the sales for a really reasonable £24.50. Everything about it is beautiful, the gift box it comes in, the bottle and the scent is divine, another fragrance that lasts for seemingly endless hours and now that I finally own it I can stop lurking in Boots on my way back from uni covering myself in it. Flight Of Fancy has become my new daytime fragrance as I was beginning to run low on Lady Million, my Brother brought it me for Christmas (he's a surprisingly good gift giver for a bloke) to me it smells relatively similar to Dolly Girl but as I love that so much it's not a bad point and the bottle is really lovely with the peacock top. This is the perfume I take with me to stay at Pete's as its quite small so fits nicely in my overnight bag leaving more room for numerous outfit choices because even if I'm only staying one night and we don't have plans I do need at least 4 top choices.

Future Purchases:

Gucci- Guilty and Benefit Fragrances
I must confess my obsession with Gucci Guilty may have a lot to do with the lovely Evan Rachel Wood advertising it but it also smells amazing and the bottle looks relatively leak proof so I may have to purchase this for my next holiday or possibly drop a LOT of hints about how much I'd really love this to appear before me on February 14th. I'm becoming more and more intrigued by the Benefit Fragrances having recently discovered how much I love their cosmetics, I'm interested in trying one or two partially because I love Benefit and partially because the boxes they come in are adorable, they're £29.50 in boots so when my Flight Of Fancy runs out I may consider one of these as my new daytime fragrance. They seem to have a lot of choices so I'm not sure which to go for, I may have to go and lurk by the Benefit counter in Boots and smell them all.

Has anyone used any of Benefits Perfumes?
Whats Your favourite Perfume right now?

: ]

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  1. Lovely blog hun! Great posts! Just wanted to let you know I'm your newest follower :0) ... follow me back doll ?


  2. Lovely blog! I love the benefit perfumes, I've been meaning to buy one for a while, think I will have to when my student loan comes in!
    At the moment, I'm using diesel-loverdose, which is such a nice scent. However, you can't go wrong with gucci! Lola my MJ is also gorgeous

    franky xxx

  3. thank you both
    I'm following you now Jasmine: ]
    and the loverdose has such a lovely bottle I've never tried it though and I may well have to purchase a Benefit one when my student loan comes in too : ]

  4. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  5. I love ur blog <3 plz check mine out and add if u like it :) follow me ill follow you

  6. i just recently decided to start a perfume collection. my current faves are daisy by marc jacobs, ysl parisienne, and lancome tresor midnight rose. i want to get oh, lola next. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  7. I like Daisy I haven't tried the other two but the bottles are very pretty : ]

  8. Oooh, these all look really fantastic & the bottles are so, so pretty too! I've tried the Anna Sui- Dolly Girl, lately most of my fragrances have been from Lush or a mix of my fave essential oils. Lovely feature!! xo veronika


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