Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy 21st Pete!

Yesterday was Pete's 21st so despite still feeling gross and full of cold he wanted me to stay over at his and spend the whole day with him and after initially feeling quite zombie like we had a pretty awesome day.
I bought him an Accurist watch that we picked out together, a fudge and honeycomb chocolate slab and a Batman Joker t-shirt.
We had a slobby morning in front of the telly and he opened his other pressies; car stuff from his dad, a jumper from his mom and they both put some money towards the car he's spent the last year and a half saving for, a game from my parents and my brother who never remembers to get cards wrote on an envelope and put some money in it.
We popped to merry hill which was surprisingly busy for a weekday, then went to Chiquitos and managed to get there just before they start the evening menu which meant a starter and main was only £7.99, which if you've ever seen the portions they serve is ridiculously good. As always the food was delicious and as they have a new menu I decided to try something different instead of the spicy chicken Chimichanga I normally get. We had the nachos for one to start, then Pete had chilli beef Enchiladas and I had Chilaquiles and two yummy Green Eyes cocktails; which consist of Eristoff Vodka, blue curaçao & orange juice.
I was feeling a bit better so I stayed at Pete's again and we spent a nice quiet evening on the sofa watching The A-Team movie and drinking wine in our pj's, it was lovely : ]
We're going out on Saturday with our friends for more of a boozy celebration of his 21st so there'll probably be a hungover post of the evening on Sunday.
In other news I bought a new shirt which is really not as fluorescent orange as the picture makes it look it's more of a salmon red, it was £6 (I think or possibly £8) from Primark and as I had a voucher for Christmas I thought I'd try a new colour as I think I'm overdoing the turquoise lately, however I couldn't resist painting my nails turquoise. 
Also I managed to actually focus for more than half an hour today and got another 1000 words of my dissertation done *Yay!*.... only another 4000 words to go.

: ]


  1. Your nails are really pretty! And i loveeee chiquitos! I always get the spicy chimichanga too, it's my favee!

    Georgie <3

  2. Your nails look lovely! :)x



  3. fantastic nails, and love your outfit! you have a very nice style. enjoyed reading and browsing your posts... and i am now following. hope we can connect! cheers!


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