Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Outfit Nostalgia

I adore this dress, you can't quite see here but it has sailor type gold buttons
on the shoulders and it was ridiculously cheap

Baggy t-shirt with a flamingo on that I practically lived in all summer

I absolutely adore this sailor top from topshop
I brought this skirt from new look last summer it's great for the beach, I wore it with a Beatles top from H&M
This is the kind of thing I wore to work when I had a little office job
one summer, just trying to lighten up a very very dull job lol.

I wore this dress on my first "date" with Pete, it's black with little silver
guitars all over it I wore it because I knew he played guitar
and I was trying to impress him. lame I know but hey it worked.

Black t-shirt dress with bright pink tights and fish nets on top, I wore the dress
to parties a lot so when I see it in my wardrobe it always makes me smile.
The delightful necklace I made and wore everyday to school

Back in my rock n roll phase when I first got with Pete, my customised blazer,
Jack Skellingotn style striped skinnies and my beloved red converse that I have been wearing
since I was about 14.

I absolutely adore the banana top, it's one of my favourite things to wear
 in the summer.

Just a few outfits that conjure up really nice memories, mostly of hoidays at Tenby or house parties.

: ]


  1. i absolutely love the flamingo top where did you get it from?!

    1. I got it from h&m about a year ago, I've pretty much worn it to death

  2. That turquoise floral skirt is so pretty :) Perfect for summer! x

  3. Great photo's, thats so cute you wore that dress on your first date!


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