Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday summary

A really late post because I can't sleep, I went shopping with my mom this week and got quite a few things and have been meaning to do a haul post but I've been pretty busy with my dissertation but I'll try to do one in the next few days and I will be posting a lot more regularly after Friday when the dissertation will be gone and I can actually start drawing again.
Apart from shopping and pretty much living in my pjs battling my essay (at 5700 words atm) I haven't really done a lot, I stayed over Pete's last night and we went to the pub with his friends which was a pleasant break from work.
So anyway this week-
Music: The Xcerts and psycho killer by talking heads.
Currently lusting after: soap and glory skincare, I've never tried there products before and really want to try them especially there deep pore mask. Also discovered Bomb Cosmetics website and really want to try there stuff which appear to be very similar to lush but a bit cheaper so I'm probably going to order some stuff this week and test them out. They have loads of bath products including a wide variety of bath bombs which are about £2.09 which seems pretty reasonable but I haven't looked at delivery costs yet.
Mood: kind of stressed
Products of the week: renbow crazy colours hair dye, I keep telling myself I'm going to let the colours fade to my natural colour and it was going ok as I only had to pink streaks at the front but then I decided to distract myself from my dissertation by putting a load of thin streaks in the bottom layers so I'm currently ginger, blue, purple and pink. Sounds hideous but looks good.
Movie: inception which was much better than I thought it'd be and cowboys and aliens which was just as awful as I thought it'd be.
Food: not too unhealthy lots of salad and one exception of a dominos we ordered for my dads birthday.
Drank: double vodka and diet coke at the pub which was ridiculously cheap it was only £4.60 for that and a pint of bathams for Pete.
Wishing: my wisdom teeth weren't quite as painful.
Looking forward to: Friday when I may possibly purchase the lomography camera I've been lusting after for the past year and my dissertation will be done and handed in.
This week I'm loving: New Girl because Zoeey Deschanel is amazing and trying to add new colours to my mainly blue, white and black wardrobe.
Blog of the week: Sailboat

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