Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary

Where I've been- Mostly at home finishing my dissertation, I went to Birmingham on Friday to hand it in, other than that I went to the pub to celebrate finishing my dissertation with Steve and Dan. Me and Pete also took a spur of the moment trip to pizza hut today which doesn't exactly comply with my healthy eating plan but hey a little treat every now and then can't hurt and it did make us reminisce about our first date, which was very awkward btw.
Music- The Audition- Great Danger
Currently lusting after- I saw some Jeffrey Campbell style platform boots online for £35 I want them so badly but this week has been pretty expensive so I may have to try to resist even if they are turquoise.
Mood- Relieved and excited to start the next (and final) project at uni.
Products of the week- Soap and Glory face soap and clarity foaming face wash £7, whilst I absolutely love my ocean salt cleanser from lush it can be a bit harsh so I don't like to use it everyday so the soap and glory wash is great for the rest of the week.
Movies-I've watched quite a few films since handing in my work and loved them all, I watched Bridesmaids, The Inbetweeners movie, Superstar and my favourite Whatever Works with the lovely Evan Rachel Wood.
Drank- Echo Falls Signature Reserve Zinfandel Rose, Bulmers red berry and long island ice tea. 
Wishing- I had more will power.
Looking forward to- My friends 21st is on Friday and she's coming back from Lincoln to celebrate with us, starting with a little trip to the pub and ending with a party at her house and really looking forward to the launch of the next project at uni.
Highlight- Spending time with my lovely boyfriend and buying my beautiful lomography camera and I couldn't help myself from taking a little trip to forbidden planet to feed my inner nerd and purchased a Star Trek graphic novel (I couldn't help it, it has both Spock and Piccard in it). I'm also loving Dancing On Ice atm purely because of Corey Feldman.  
Goal for next week- As I have a whole week of free time I'm gonna do a super early spring clean of my room as my wardrobe seems to be morphing into a floorrobe. I'm also gonna put some serious thought into what to do for my final project and continue the search for my boyfriends valentines day present. I've been looking for some cool Portal 2 merch for him, mostly a Companion Cube but the only ones I can find are in America but the postage is double the cost of the actual Cube so the search continues.
Thought of the week- Manners cost nothing and yet simply words like please and thankyou seem to have been forgotten.
Blog of the week- ... Will be added when I'm next on my pc.


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