Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday summary

Where I've been- Shopping with my mom, on a pub crawl for my friends 21st and stayed at my boyfriends a couple of times.
Music- You Me At Six.
Currently lusting after- Turquoise Jeffrey Campbell style platform boots and the perfect mid length skirt.
Mood- Content
Products of the week- Lush's A Million Kisses lip tint.
Movie- Jennifer's Body which I absolutely love.
Eating- Lots of brown bread and cherries in an attempt to be a bit healthier.
Drinking- Too much as usual but this is mostly down to the pub crawl and I managed to stick to my plan of not drinking cider this week.
Wishing- I had any ideas for my project I'm suffering a severe creative block atm.
Looking forward to- Going back to uni tomorrow and getting results from the work I did last term, also looking forward to buying a new sketchbook or two from Paperchase, which is something I always get excited by and maybe having a sneaky trip to Cyber Candy or Krispy Kreme. I'm also going to have drinks with a friend who I really lost touch with last year and I'm hoping to get our friendship back to a good place.
Highlight- Definitely the pub crawl especially as my best friend came back from Nottingham to join us and most of my group of friends managed to come which is becoming a rarity lately with a lot of people working late shifts.
Goal for next week- Start brain storming ideas for my next (and final!) uni project and fill in the proposal form and start filling up Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal to help kick my creative brain back into gear.
Thought of the week- There are some people who really do deserve a high five in the face with a chair but as a firm believer in Karma I'm sure you'll get what's coming to you soon enough, you absolute Cretin.
Blog of the week- Feeling generous so I have two this week Jimmi Lou and Paperbacks + Postcards

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  1. Ahh thanks so much, so nice of you!

    I love how you've condensed your week like this! I'm lusting after some JC's too, also trying to eat healthier, I'm so fussy though!!


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