Friday, 10 February 2012

Feature Friday: Soppy Git

I admit it I can be a soppy git at times, but I've never really loved valentines day. 
Me and Pete tend to go out a few days afterwards to celebrate, this is due to a few reasons; It's always sooooo busy everywhere, there's always way too much noise in restaurants and me and the boy tend to enjoy a pleasant eating silence because there is such a thing as a non-awkward silence and people should really learn that because if we're in Chiquito's or there are nachos anywhere in my immediate vicinity I'm really not going to care how your day was. Everyone's been guilty of excessive PDA's but people really do tend to bypass common decency on feb 14th, I do not want to see you feeding each other, standing in the middle of a busy high street heads together staring into each others eyes (yes it happens) or making out in any place serving food.
So that paragraph doesn't really support my initial statement but deep down I am a sentimental old fool, hence the pictures above, so a little explanation:
The little scribbled on bit of paper was written shortly after valentines day 2008 I passed a note to my friend in class asking if she'd invited Pete to her party because I fancied him (I sound about 12 but I was 17), she had, he came and with a little dutch courage I managed to mumble a few sentences at him and the rest is history as they say.
Our first valentines day- when we were in sixth form Pete would sometimes walk to school with me and a few days before valentines day he gave me a pack of sticky fixers as you can probably guess I was rather confused and he refused to explain himself so I just assumed he was having a tiny episode or something, but the next day he gave me a small red heart made of card that said 'I love you' on it which was very sweet, the day after he gave me a bigger one to frame the little one that said 'more than yesterday' and on valentines day he gave me the last one to fit over the top which said ' and more everyday'. It's the best thing I've ever recieved and I shall cherish it forever, I was also rather impressed that the patterns on all 3 match up perfectly.
Last Valentines- We actually ventured out of our homes for the actual day and went to see Gnomeo and Juliet, which I would not recommend despite the fact that Ozzy Osbourne is the voice of a plastic deer. 
Three Little Words- Sometimes those three words are just right and I cannot stand cards with ridiculously long and sloppy verses about how the world stopped the moment your eyes met, because it probably didn't, you may have been drunk in which case the world would be extra spinny and not at all still. So Pete wrote a simple note with a simple drawing  on a tiny card on a single rose. Just right. 
This Valentines day- I could not think of anything to get so I went with the good old predictable t-shirt (with his favourite band The Jam on it), an I.o.u for a dvd I ordered that won't turn up in time and chocolate as I have many times before, a lot of said chocolate has remained unopened and kept for sentimental reasons in Pete's room and is starting to look a tad gross, for instance the I Love You chocolate letters I brought him four years ago. So at a loss for sentimental things to say I went with the ridiculous instead and yes the sales woman did look at me like I'm insane, but hey maybe he'll actually eat this non sentimental chocolate. 

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  1. cute illustrations..x


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