Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday Summary

New chilli print top from Primark- £6

Where I've been- University, Pete's, shopping and Saturday we went bowling with my parents and Pete's dad and fiancee then out for food.
Music- The Ramones
Currently lusting after- I went to forbidden planet and saw lots of lovely geeky things including plushie mameshiba beans that I very nearly brought, I also spent quite a while at the benefit counter lusting over pretty much everything.
Mood- Kinda bummed out for no apparent reason, but I shall resolve to be happier and more productive this week because moping achieves nothing.
Product of the week- Hair dye, I think I used Superdrugs own brand as it was cheap, but I suddenly had the urge to go back to my natural colour as my hair was getting too light and I must say I'm pleased I did.
Movie- I haven't really watched any movies this week, I did however spend three days watching all 19 episodes of My So Called Life, on one occasion til 4 am as I couldn't sleep, Jared Leto is just as beautiful as a dopey teenager as he is now in 30 Seconds To Mars,seriously watch Hurricane.
Eating- A Lot of Chinese food at an all you can eat place after bowling, it was amazing! Spring rolls, wontons, crispy shredded chilli chicken, chicken yuk sung and chicken chow mein. Heaven.
Drinking- Perhaps a tad excessive this week with quite a lot of wine and vodka.
Wishing- I could sleep better and be a bit less self depreciating.
Looking forward to- Valentines day, although I'm not feeling particularly romantic I am looking forward to a trip to chiquitos and the cinema on Wednesday.
Highlight- Definitely bowling as I haven't been in about 6 years, even if it did make me acutely aware of how puny my arms are as they are still hurting this morning.
Goal for next week- Got lots this week; do lots more drawing for my project, blog more as I was a bit crap with it last week, paint my nails valentines themed colour and make some geeky cookies for Pete.
Thought of the week- I really miss going to live shows, when I was 15 me and my would go to 2 or 3 gigs a month but last year I only went to probably less than 5 in the whole year. Maybe I've grown out of my rock side a bit or maybe there's just not as many decent bands around anymore.
Blog of the week-I Need More Clothes

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