Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Beauty Buys

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day™ Conditioner £5.50
Soap & Glory Calm One™ Calm All Bubble Bath £5.50

Soap & Glory Scrub, Actually™ Body Scrub £7.00
MUA Lipstick I believe it's shade 7 £1.00
Soap & Glory™ Sugar Crush™ Body Scrub £8.00

Soap & Glory™ Supereyes Supereyes™ Moisturising Eye Gel £9.00

Lush The Carrot £4.95
Lush Fluffy Egg £2.95
Simple Face Wipes buy one get one free £2.99
Top Shop Ear Cuff £6.50
H&M Starfish Ring £1.99

Company £2.00
Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Tiddly Pot £1.95

So I've been shopping a few times over the past couple of weeks so thought I'd do a collective haul to show you what I've been spending my pennies on. 
I've brought quite a lot of Soap & Glory stuff as it's quickly becoming my new obsession and it's currently on 3 for 2 in Boots, my Brother asked me to get his friend a birthday present cos he's a bit clueless in the gift giving department so I brought the Soaper Hereos gift set and picked up a couple of things for me meaning I brought the Conditioner and Bubble Bath for just £5.50. 
I love the MUA Lipstick I think I may have found my perfect shade and I love the fact they're decent products for really cheap prices and whilst I was in Superdrug I noticed my favourite face wipes were buy one get one free for just £2.99 so thought I'd stock up while they're on offer as they're £3.99 each in my local supermarket.
I also couldn't resist Lush's Easter range although I was in way remotely tempted by The Immaculate Eggception Bath bomb which in my eyes is no where near big enough to justify it's £7.00 price tag.
I've been looking at the Ear cuffs in Topshop for a good while now and finally caved and brought this one although I can only wear it on one ear as my other ear isn't thick enough to hold it on, which is a bit odd and I couldn't resist the adorable starfish ring especially for just £1.99.
If you haven't tried the Tiddly Pots before I highly urge you to they are so incredibly delicious, I'm more than a little excited about their Easter Eggs as they are pretty much the best chocolate I've ever tasted, I won't be forking out £8 for an egg though as that is a tad excessive for something I will probably devour in 10 minutes. Me and Pete always go their a few days after Easter when the Easter stuff is half price or less and get each other an egg or two, last year he got me the praline Easter slab which is basically an egg surrounded by a slab of chocolate and trust me words cannot describe the deliciousness. 

If you would like me to do a review on anything just ask in a comment

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  1. The MUA shade of lipstick is lurvely:)! Woww I can't believe it was only a pound...looks like I better get down to Superdrug:P!

    I recently tagged you in my post of 11 questions, however, if you don't want to do's okay, as I wouldn't want to bother you:)!

    Love Pixie xox

  2. awwww, loving the starfish ring... I have some starfish studs from Thomas Sabo that I can pair with... need to pop in H&M then ;P

  3. I love the look of the MUA lipstick and the Lush carrot bath bomb is too cute

  4. LOVE that earing!!!!!!!!

    just followed your lovely blog :o)

    Check out my MAC lipstick give away


  5. ahh soap & glory my fave! love the jewellery too :) x


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