Friday, 2 March 2012

Feature Friday: Telly Box

My initial reason for watching this was because I love Claire Danes but the first two episodes have been really good, they're already on the second series in America I just hope it doesn't end up dragging on like Lost.
So series 5 was pretty awful they kept the original episode format of each character having an episode but the episodes didn't really flow as a series and didn't really make any of the characters remotely likeable (but hey that's just my opinion). Series 6 does seem quite a vast improvement, the characters seem to be a tad more realistic even though the story lines are rather far-fetched but Frankie seems to be a completely different character all together but maybe that's just me picking faults with a character I hate. It does seem to be closer to the original series but there's still something lacking but that could just be me missing Effy, all in all I'd say this series is watchable and at times enjoyable.
Desperate Housewives
I love this show and always have done, I make Pete watch it with me on a Sunday night after Homeland and he actually quite likes it, mostly because of Gabriella and Carlos, I think the current storyline is great although I am struggling to believe that Susan would be quite so stupid to as to paint the murder. 
Take Me Out logo
Take Me Out
Cheesy TV at it's best like a modern Blind Date (which I loved) I love Paddy and his little sayings " Let the bees see the knees" and Lucy from the last series was amazing she never turned her light off for anyone, she was adorable. 
New Girl
I love it! Jess is amazing and so are the rest of the characters, and I have some serious hair envy watching the show. 
Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy
I wanted to like this, I really did I love Noel he's adorable but it is just horrible, it doesn't work and it's not funny at all. This show has got many mixed reviews and the people who defend it generally make these points: you don't like it because you just don't get it, you just want it to be like the Boosh but it's a completely different show, if you don't like it you must be old y'know like 40 and there for it's not aimed at you, it's not meant to be funny. All of these are genuine comments I have seen defending this show, I'm not sure it's really a fair comment to say it's a completely different show to the Boosh when it has the exact same cast except for Julian Barret (they even had a cameo appearance from The Moon), it has the exact same aesthetic as The Boosh with the exaggerated hand made quality of the scenery and costumes that look like they were made on Blue Peter and Noel playing essentially the same character as Vince. I like the aesthetic of the show and the fact that Noel is showcasing his artistic abilities with little stop motion animations like a plastecine Joey Ramone and I probably would have less of an issue with it if they changed the name to something other than comedy because it really seems to make no attempt at being remotely funny and makes more of an effort to create characters who are darkly mentally unstable, I mean the talking stab wound and the odd chocolate finger guy just irritate me. It would appear channel 4 said to Mr Fielding "yeah sure you can have your own show" and no one cared to check in and make sure he hadn't finally crossed the line from entertaining obscure comedy to just making something odd for odds sake.

What have you been watching this week?

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