Friday, 2 March 2012

Feeling Thrifty

I've been trying to curb my spending habits recently so I've been going to charity shops and Antique shops in an attempt to spend my pennies a bit less quickly so here's what I've brought over the past two weeks. I went out with my mom to a little town near us that has about 10 charity shops in one street  and brought the books and was able to indulge my  nerdy side by finding a huge amount of Star Trek books, so obviously I brought the one that's mostly about Spock. I also found this lovely necklace for only £3.25, the chain is quite unusual and make it look older than it probably is and I can't resist a good cameo, I also brought the flannel shirt from my last post for £2.50 so it was quite a successful trip.

I found a gorgeous little antique shop that had a ton of antique jewellery at ridiculously low prices and I got talking to the woman who owns it and she was so lovely she let me have the fox ring for £5 instead of £8 because I'm a student and the earrings were 75p each, the little black shell studs are my favourite and I've noticed a lot of this style of earring in H&M and Asos so I'd say they were a pretty great bargain.

I brought the bath bombs from a tiny little shop by a garden centre on the way back from Bridgenorth, the big bath bomb was reduced to £1.80 and it's a lot more purple than it looks in the picture and smells really sweet and the little bath bombs/Chill Pills were 5 for £1 or 25p each. I chose 2 ocean spray, banana, cookies and cream (which really does smell like cookies) and I can't remember what the white was called it was something like moon beam, but they all smell divine and for 25p they're an absolute bargain, my mom brought some too and she used one last night and it's amazing how much scent the tiny things give off they don't colour the water or produce any Lush kind of dramatics but they smell gorgeous and leave you feeling really relaxed.
I brought some tea from a health shop because Clipper tea is lovely.
The rings were from two different antique shops and were both £4 each, the red one is a gift for my mom for mothers day and the peach rose caught my eye and I decided to treat myself. I also brought a lovely tea dress from a charity shop but I haven't had chance to take a photograph of it so I shall do an outfit post with it, it's a lovely black tea dress with little flowers all over it and cost me all of £2.95.

All in all I've spent less and brought more so I'm pretty happy.

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