Monday, 26 March 2012

Lush Addict: Bath Bombs

This is the last post from my Lush Addict series I hope you've enjoyed it.

BlackBerry bath bomb £2.90
I think this is a very underrated bomb as I absolutely love it, it smells lovely and fruity and turns the water a delightful purple colour and as it fizzes around a little bit of paper unfolds from the middle which has a lovely comic book like "boom" written on it. 

Dragons egg £3.15/each
My all time favourite bath bomb, this one is amazing in every way. It smells sweet and sherbet like and looks great with little bits of pastel coloured confetti all over it and it gets even better when you get it in the tub the white layer foams and fizzes around the bath before the orange sherbet part fizzes loudly from the middle and as if it couldn't get any better when you reach the centre a big chunk of gold glitter spills out. So it's by far the most exciting of Lush's bath bombs and is great for a little pick me up if you've had a crappy day.

Space girl £1.95/each
Another sweetie smelling one, it smells kind of like Parma Violets if anyone can remember those, and as you can see it's very glittery which for me is always a bonus. I think this was the first bomb I ever tried and it's still a solid favourite especially as it's one of their cheaper bombs.

Think pink £2.45/each
As you can see this one of the more decorative bombs and the cuteness doesn't end with the outside as it fizzles away a flurry of tiny confetti hearts float around you, again this is a very sweet scent (think I'm seeing a pattern here). It is really small, but these ones make lovely little gifts for friends or as a little treat for yourself.

Twilight £3.15/each
This has a lovely lavender and caramel scent, which wouldn't normally appeal to me but this is lovely, beneath the starry pink surface lies a lovely blue centre, I think there's glitter in this one too but I haven't had one for quite a while so I can't remember exactly.

Fluffy Egg £2.95
My favourite product from the Easter range, it smells exactly like the Snow Fairy shower gel which I'm sure most of you will be familiar with and love. So I urge you to get yourselves to Lush and pick one of these up before they're gone as they are adorable and delightful smelling.

What's your favourite bath bomb?

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  1. I love fluffy egg! I have gotta stock up :)

  2. I am slowly but surely becoming a Lush addict!

    Loving your a follower :) would love if you could check out mine and follow back if you like it.

    B x

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